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Attunements are tattoo-like marks that allow creatures with them (known as Attuned), to use magic. These Attunements are earned in a Judgment, granted by a Visage, or obtained while climbing one of the Soaring Spires, although earning them outside of a Judgment is exceedingly rare. If you pass a Judgment in a soaring spire, you will typically be granted an attunement specific to that spire, although exceptions are known to exist[1]. Attunements are the primary form of magic on the continent of Kaldwyn.

Each attunement grants the attuned a set of abilities, which vary drastically between attunements. Attunements also grant the user access to mana. All attunements allow the attuned to use their gray mana, and individual attunements initially grant access to two other base mana types, and a third type after reaching citrine level. Additionally, each attunement grants access to a shroud, a magical barrier, starting at carnelian level[2].

An attunement works by collecting ambient mana out of the atmosphere in the marked part of the body, stopping when it reaches the body part's safe mana value[3]. Mana collected in this manner is then able to be used by the attuned, as well as converted (at a small percentage loss) between the types provided by the attunement[4].

Some attunements have samples of complex hybrid mana types like seen on Dania, if a complex hybrid would be helpful for a function. However, the functions that use hybrid essences are typically described as using lots of base mana types because of the complexity. The "Generate Simulacrum" function uses a complex hybrid essence.[5]

Attunement Levels[edit]

Attunements have a "level" based on their current safe mana value. In Valia, these levels are named based on gemstones the color of the generated shroud, starting at Quartz (clear) going up through Carnelian (red), Sunstone (orange), Citrine (yellow), and Emerald (green)[6]. Some have theorized that an additional attunement level, Sapphire, exists above emerald, but has been proven to either not exist, or attuned are restricted from reaching it for unknown reasons[7]. Reaching each of these levels requires exponentially more mana than the last, making high-level attuned rare to the point where it is speculated that there are only a one or two hundred Emerald-levels on the entire continent[8].

Some attunement levels unlock additional functionality, the most obvious example being the shroud, with an aura which changes color at each level to match the level's color, starting with Carnelian. Additionally, reaching the Citrine level unlocks a tertiary mana type. Many attunements also have additional features available at later levels[6].

In addition to levels, attunement power is further subdivided into "ranks": A-E within each level. These ranks do not typically grant additional attunement functions, but help to more accurately determine attunement power[citation needed].

The primary way to increase an attunement's power is to use mana from the attunement location, although other methods exist, such as eating certain mana-rich fruits[9].

The attunement level and rank signify how much mana is available to the attuned. The thresholds for each level, including the theoretical sapphire level, are below:

Level Rank E Rank D Rank C Rank B Rank A
Quartz 0 15 20 25 30
Carnelian 60 90 120 150 180
Sunstone 360 540 720 900 1,080
Citrine 2,160 3,240 4,320 5,400 6,480
Emerald 12,960 19,440 25,920 32,400 38,880
Sapphire 77,760 116,640 155,520 194,400 233,280

Attunement Locations[edit]

The location of the attunement on a person's body defines the primary method they will use to direct spells. All attuned will have multiple methods of directing spells, though spells directed through using the attunement are more potent. The location of the attunement also increases the rate of mana regeneration for that part of the body, potentially giving the attuned more access to a particular type of mana. The seven potential locations for attunements are the Mind, Heart, Lungs, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Leg, and Right Leg.

Location Effect
Hand While typically on the hand, "hand" marks can also be on the wrist or arm. Hand marks are the most common. Hand marked attuned generally direct spells through a gesture and excel at accurately directing spells at distant targets[10].
Leg Leg marks allow for instantaneous delivery of powerful spells through touching a target. Kicking is the most obvious method but mana can be channeled through the attunement to other parts of the body, to be delivered with a touch[11].
Lung Typically target and cast spells through verbal incantations, channeling mana into the air around them by speaking. They are exceptional in large confrontations, and are popular in warfare[11].
Heart Channel mana through their entire body into their heart and then out both hands simultaneously. This requires intense focus and slows the casting of the spell, but increases its intensity[10].
Mind Mind marks enhance the attuned's ability to sense and manipulate the mana inside their body. They are capable of casting spells inside their own bodies purely through focusing their minds[10].

Types of Attunements[edit]

Serpent Spire (Valia)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Diviner Mental[12] Enhancement[12] Water

Diviners focus on information gathering magic, such as detecting mana types, identifying magical objects, and finding people from a distance. They are the only attunement that can make memory crystals[13].

Elementalist Fire[12] Air[12] Water

Elementalists utilize Fire, Air, and Lightning magic in ranged combat. They are considered extremely strong offensive Attuned[12].

Enchanter Transference[12] Mental[12] Light[14]

Enchanters can imbue items with mana to produce magical effects which differ based on the runes on the item[12].

Guardian Enhancement[12] Life[12] Earth

Guardians can enhance their bodies with mana, as well as manipulate their shroud more easily than other attuned. They can also discharge mana through contact, greatly enhancing their strikes[12].

Mender Life[12] Earth[12] Water

Menders are potent healers, and can directly heal bones, something other healing Attunements are unable to do[13].

Shadow Umbral[12] Enhancement[12] Death

Shadows are capable of concealing themselves from the senses and diminishing the senses of others[12]. They can create solid illusions, unlike other similar Attunements[13].

Shaper Earth[12] Enhancement[12] Perception

Shapers are capable of forming mana constructs and shaping mana in the air[12].

Summoner Air[12] Transference[12] Life

Summoners form pacts with Monsters and call upon their power. Powerful Summoners are capable of conjuring figments (copies) of creatures with which they have formed a pact[12].

Hydra Spire (Edria)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Assassin Umbral[15] Water[15] Death[15]

Assassins can generate poison inside their bodies, then secrete that poison to apply it to weapons, put it into liquids, or apply it through unarmed attacks[15].

Commander Fire[15] Umbral[15] Air[15]

The Commander attunement can temporarily expend portions of their shroud to expand the range or area of their spells[15].

Executioner Death[15] Enhancement[15] Earth[15]

Executioners can shape their shroud into a weapon forged from pure mana that cleaves through equipment and deals lasting wounds[15].

Juggernaut Transference[15] Fire[15] Earth[15]

The Juggernaut can temporarily draw their shroud into their muscles, bolstering their physical strength and speed for a short period of time[15].

Legionnaire Light[15] Air[15] Fire[15]

Legionnaires can extend their shroud into a defensive aura that bolsters the power of other nearby shrouds. This effect is cumulative, making large groups of Legionnaires almost invincible[15].

Saboteur Umbral[15] Earth[15] Fire[15]

Sabotuers can extend their shroud into a debilitating field that weakens all nearby enemies[15].

Scourge Death[15] Air[15] Water[15]

Scourges can infect enemies with a portion of their shroud, causing long-lasting debilitating effects[15].

Shieldbreaker Death[15] Transference[15] Fire[15]

The Shieldbreaker can enhance their offensive spells with a portion of their shroud, making it easier for them to break through defensive sorcery and making their spells more dangerous in general[15].

Tiger Spire (Caelford)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Analyst Mental[16] Umbral[16] Transference[16]

A knowledge gathering attunement that can rapidly gather and process sensory information and understanding how it works[16].

Architect Perception[16] Umbral[16] Enhancement[16]

Architects can imbue items with temporary magical properties, which are stronger than permanent enchantments, but only last a few days[16].

Biomancer Life[16] Mental[16] Light[16]

Biomancers are capable of safely manipulating mana in someone's body. They specialize in altering mana flow, potentially improving both mana capacity regeneration[16].

Controller Perception[16] Enhancement[16] Umbral[16]

Controllers are specialists in mental compulsion, and are capable of forcing others to do their bidding[16].

Forgemaster Earth[16] Fire[16] Enhancement[16]

Forgemasters are capable of shaping and working metal with ease. They can strengthen and alter other properties of metal[16].

Illuminator Light[16] Water[16] Air[16]

Illuminators have beneficial auras with a specific focus on beneficial passive effects, especially things like magic resistance and mental effect resistance.[17]

Sentinel Earth[16] Mental[16] Enhancement[16]

Sentinels emphasize mental fortitude, and can resist physical and mental spells[16].

Transmuter Earth[16] Water[16] Air[16]

Transmuters focus on transforming materials into other types of material[16].

Phoenix Spire (East Edria)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Conjurer Life[18] Umbral[18] Mental[18]

Conjurers can create monsters similar to a summoner's summoned copy. These monsters are weaker than summoner's versions, but can be created without a contract, purely from the conjurer's imagination[18].

Dancer Mental[18] Water[18] Air[18]

Dancers focus heavily on avoiding and countering debilitating effects such as poisons and compulsions, as well as returning opponents skills[19].

Mesmer Perception[18] Death[18] Umbral[18]

Mesmers alter emotions and perceptions. They typically focus on making others ignore their presence, treating them as an unimportant part of the background[13].

Purifier Fire[18] Light[18] Mental[18]

Purifiers typically focus on neutralizing debilitating and mental attacks[19]. They also make excellent fire/light-based offensive attuned focused on powerful single-target attacks[18].

Pyromancer Fire[18] Death[18] Umbral[18]

Pyromancers are fire-based offensive attuned focused on large area-of-effect attacks, including some that produce perpetually burning, difficult to extinguish black fire[18][19].

Shapeshifter Perception[18] Earth[18] Life[18]

Shapeshifters make contracts with monsters, allowing them to shapeshift to have some of those monsters' features[18].

Spellsinger Air[18] Perception[18] Light[18]

Spellsingers focus on distribution of spells through their voice, similar to a lung mark[20]. Spellsingers typically use debilitating, and at higher levels, buffing spells[19].

Swordmaster Enhancement[18] Fire[18] Earth[18]

Swordmasters are similar to guardians, but with a focus on weapon enhancement[18]. They often improve a weapon's abilities directly or store a spell in it[19].

Tortoise Spire (Dalenos)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Acolyte Life[21] Water[21] Perception[21]

Acolytes are flexibility-focused healers, and are able to treat poisons, injuries, and disease[21].

Champion Enhancement[21] Water[21] Mental[21]

Champions focus on both defense and crowd control using ice, and self-buffs using enhancement[21].

Cloudcaller Water[21] Air[21] Perception[21]

Cloudcallers focus on calling up storms and other weather, then enhancing it with magical effects[21].

Illusionist Perception[21] Light[21] Earth[21]

Illusionists are by far the best attunement for making large-scale illusions, including sounds and mental manipulation[21].

Seer Mental[21] Light[21] Death[21]

Seers can see potential futures, and typically leverage this for information gathering[21].

Soulblade Light[21] Life[21] Transference[21]

A soulblade creates contracts with monsters, binding them to items such as weapons or jewelry to grant those items unique abilities[21].

Wavewalker Water[21] Transference[21] Perception[21]

Wavewalkers shape the forces of motion, using it to walk on water and throw opponents off balance[21].

Wayfarer Air[21] Mental[21] Transference[21]

Wayfarers are unparalleled at communication and excellent at teleportation, due to being granted access to all 3 mana types at quartz[21].

Restricted Attunements (Granted by the Visages)[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Abjurer Light Death TBA

An attunement focused on breaking existing spells. Their most powerful ability is banishment - the ability to send a summoned creature back to their place of origin and prevent them from returning for some time[22].

Arbiter Transference[23] Life[24] Light[25]

An Attunement that specialized in purifying mana and transferring it into others[26].

Chronomancer Transference[23] Perception[23] TBA

A lost rumored attunement that can manipulate time and the perception of time[23].

Hierophant Life Air TBA

Known for their ability to extend their shroud over a large area, while imbuing it with a spell effect[22].

Necromancer Death Earth TBA

Grants a mage advanced healing capabilities that even Menders cannot perform, including healing mana scarring[22]. Can also conjure bone constructs such as spears, bridges and projections[27].

Paladin Light Transference TBA

Allows a mage to draw additional power from their patron visage during times of great need[22].

Sovereign Umbral Death TBA

Can control or draw power from other Attunements. Can also absorb power from spells and enchantments, increasing their power[22].

TBA Perception Fire TBA


Ascended Attunements (Evolved from other Attunements)[edit]

Name Base Attunement Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Invoker Summoner TBA TBA TBA

Allows a mage to draw power directly from their summoned monsters, rather than just casting their spells with their own mana supply.

Attunement Functions[edit]

Attunements are complex subglyph enchantments with multiple functions all working in tandem to accomplish different effects[citation needed]. These functions serve a large variety of purposes, and can be anything from simply displaying a glyph on the attuned's body[citation needed], to performing the complex analysis needed to determine an attuned's safe mana levels[citation needed], to something as complex as creating and managing bonds that distribute mana between those bonded[citation needed]. Additionally, functions may be locked or disabled before completing certain requirements, either reaching a certain attunement rank or more esoteric requirements, such as specialization.

On this wiki, attunement functions are categorized under three groups: general functions, unique functions, and specialized functions.

General Functions[edit]

A list of all known general attunement functions is availible here

General functions are ones that are found across most or all attunements. Note that some attunements may grant some functions in this category earlier or later than others, and it is possible that some attunements may be lacking some general functions entirely. Some examples of functions that fall under this category include attunement level display, safe mana calculation, and shroud generation.

These general functions are well documented by groups like Farren Labs[citation needed].

Unique Functions[edit]

Unique functions are functions that only a single attunement or a few attunements have. Examples of this include the Enchanter attunement's ability to create enchanted items, or the ability of the contract attunements to create binding contracts and exchange mana with other creatures. All information on unique functions of attunements is on the specific wiki page for that attunement.

Specialized Functions[edit]

Specialized functions are functions that are only enabled when the attunement has been specialized. An example of this would be the ability of a specialized elementalist to permanently shift their shroud to their specialized element. Information on specialization in general is in the Attunement Specializations section below, and information on specific specializations is in the individual attunement wiki pages.

Attunement Specializations[edit]

An attunement may gain a specialization if a specific type of mana is used disproportionately more than others for an extended period. This typically requires at least ninety percent of the mana used by the attuned to be of that type for about a year. When attunement specialization is gained, the attunement changes, gaining an additional line and skewing future mana production toward the specialized type. Some attunement specializations grant additional effects[28].

An example of this would be an Elementalist specialized in Lightning. Once the specialization was gained, the attunement would start generating a larger proportion of lightning mana. This specific specialization has the additional effect of automatically generating a lightning shroud, rather than requiring the attuned to manually create one.


Sub-glyphs make up all the functions for attunements like shrouds, mana generation, safe mana level and more. There is a string of sub-glyphs for each function of an attunement and each sub-glyph has more sub-glyphs inside. Sub-glyphs are in their own "language". The sub-glyphs are sectioned in attunements with markers. Some of the sub-glyphs in attunements are restricted so they can not be easily read by anyone with mental mana.

Artificial Attunements[edit]

Full article: Artificial Attunements

Farren Labs, in Caelford, have developed artificial attunements, which are functionally similar to attunements, but without the requirement of taking a judgment. There are other corporations [29] that have also developed the ability to create artificial attunements, but not to the degree or expertise that Farren Labs have.

Artificial Attunements are incredibly expensive to make, requiring a class 5 mana crystal of each of the mana types used in the construction, as well as having other difficult and expensive to manufacture parts like applicators with purified mana.



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