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Primary Mana Transference
Secondary Mana Mental
Tertiary Mana Light
Compound Mana Acuity
Location Valia
Spire Serpent Spire

The Enchanter attunement is designed for creating permanent magical items. The Enchanter attunement grants the attuned access to transference mana and mental mana, along with their combination: acuity mana[1]. At citrine, it grants access to light mana[2]. The Enchanter attunement is most commonly found in the Serpent Spire in Valia[1].

While enchanters typically create magical items, they have access to transference, or motion mana. This gives them the potential to become excellent mobility-based fighters, especially when combined with acuity and mental spells.

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Permanent Item Creation[edit]

Enchanters are known to be the only attuned able to create permanent magical items. This is done by engraving runes into an object, then charging those runes with mana.

Aura Viewing[edit]

While this is technically a function of mental mana, the enchanter attunement allows the user to view the magical auras of things around them with much greater ease[3].

Interactions with other attunements[edit]

All Attunements[edit]

Enchanters can use types of mana from their other attunements to enchant items without using an external mana source[4]


Enchanters with an arbiter attunement are able to create enchantments with purified mana, allowing the creation of items that push mana into an attuned, such as mana regeneration items or mana batteries. At citrine, it is theoretically possible for an arbiter/enchanter to create an artificial attunement on their own[2].


Biomancers and enchanters working together can create artificial attunements[5].

Notable Enchanters[edit]



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