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Primary Mana Transference
Secondary Mana Life
Tertiary Mana Light
Compound Mana Adaptation
Location Unknown
Spire Spider Spire

The Arbiter attunement is a restricted attunement given by the Visages for performing a diplomatic task, typically of a political nature[1]. The arbiter attunement provides transference mana and life mana, along with their combination: adaptation mana. It also provides light mana at citrine.

Political Importance[edit]

Because arbiter attunements are only given to those who have already performed a task for a visage, they are often selected by the visages to perform additional diplomatic tasks. Due to the possibility of this, they are granted certain liberties not granted to others. These include the ability to use information gathering spells in the spires. Additionally, spire elementals are bound to assist them, although summoned copies cannot directly disobey their summoner's orders[1].

Most arbiters are considered to be an arbiter of the visage who granted them the attunement, and while they work with all visages, they typically work with the one who granted their mark. Each visage typically has only one or two known arbiters.

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Mana Purification and Transfer[edit]

The Arbiter attunement is capable of purifying the user's mana, making it possible to safely transfer mana into another person[1]. This effect also applies to mana generated by objects enchanted with pure mana, either by an arbiter who is also an enchanter or a regular enchanted item purified by an arbiter[2].

Because of this purification, an arbiter can recharge an attunement, including giving an attuned mana above their capacity, although giving them enough mana to more than double their capacity can cause mana scarring in the target, as can exceeding their maximum capacity more than once per week. This boost is not permanent, although it does provide a small permanent increase, typically about 2 percent of the previous total[1].

An additional consequence of the mana purification function is that arbiters cannot be tracked by their mana signature, since they do not have one. When attempting to track an arbiter's mana signature, detection spells are unable to differentiate between any arbiter or item with arbiter-purified mana[3]. This does not prevent tracking via other methods, such as spirit tracking.

Attunement Movement[edit]

Arbiters can move attunements from one location on an attuned's body to another location, such as moving an attunement from an arm to a leg. It is also possible to move an attunement from one attuned to another, although there are significant risks to that. When moving an attunement from one person to another, the person must be acclimated to mana in their bodies. An quartz-level attunement could safely be moved to an unattuned, but a citrine attunement could only be moved to another citrine level attuned. If this requirement is not met, the person who is being granted the attunement generally explodes[4].

This process cannot be performed without the direct consent of the attuned due to safeguards built into attunements[4].

Attunement Decryption[edit]

Note: This function is not available until the attunement reaches citrine level.

Some attunement functions' subglyphs are encrypted, and impossible to read or change. At Citrine level, the arbiter attunement grants the ability to read this[5].

Attunement Modification[edit]

If the arbiter has access to mental mana, it is possible to alter the subglyphs on existing attunements.

Arbiter's Gate Access[edit]

Arbiters are capable of charging a petitioner's coin and entering the Arbiter's Gate in the soaring spires[4].

Interactions with other attunements[edit]


Arbiters with an enchanter attunement are able to create enchantments with pure mana, allowing the creation of items that push mana into an attuned, such as mana regeneration items or mana batteries. At citrine, it is theoretically possible for an arbiter/enchanter to create an artificial attunement on their own[4].

Notable Arbiters[edit]


  • Corin Cadence has a patent pending for the subglyphs for the functions of the Arbiter attunement[3].
  • Farren Labs would like an Arbiter in their employ. Presumably, this is because of their incredible value in modifying attunements, and simplifying the attunement creation process. However, ulterior motivates like stealing the unique functions of the Arbiter attunement are implied.



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