Warren Constantine

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Warren Constantine
Titles Ascendant Arbiter
Species Human
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension
Attunements: Enchanter - (former)

Arbiter - (former)

Other Powers Divination via constellations, others


  • Warren Constantine is a famous Arbiter responsible for the early development of Artificial Attunements.
    • Warren disappeared suddenly in 402 AF after a falling out with Anabelle Farren.
    • Warren claims to be the "Ascendent Arbiter," although it is unclear what that title indicates.
    • Warren had his Arbiter attunement, and his other attunements, removed due to the security risk of attunements and the danger that Farren would use them against him.
    • Farren Labs keeps purified mana samples to help with their artificial attunement process. It is likely that these samples were created by Warren himself, given Farren Labs' apparent lack of other Arbiters.