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Kaldwyn is a continent located on the world of Venaya. It is the primary setting of the Arcane Ascension series.

Kaldywn is largely populated with the descendants of refugees from the continent of Mythralis, who followed the goddess Selys to their new home. Kaldwyn has seen little contact with the world outside since that event due to a barrier spanning the entire continent which prevents most magic (such as communication or teleportation) from reaching Kaldwyn. It is presumed the barrier was created by Selys. There is also strong indication that there is some kind of time altering effect conferred by this barrier, as certain events between Mythralis and Kaldwyn do not seem to match up properly on a timeline.

Soaring Spires


There are six recognized nations on Kaldwyn. Valia, Caelford, Dalenos, and Edria comprise the "Four Powers", the four most powerful nations, each of which contains at least one of the Soaring Spires. Sytennia and Erawen are the two remaining nations. Little is known of them as of yet.