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Primary Mana Life
Secondary Mana Earth
Tertiary Mana Water
Compound Mana Wood
Location Valia
Spire Serpent Spire

The Mender attunement is one of the most well known and sought after healing attunements. Menders are known throughout the continent as the best healers, due to their ability to rapidly heal damaged bones, in addition to soft tissue. The mender attunement grants the attuned access to life mana and earth mana, along with their combination: wood mana[1], however many menders choose to disregard earth mana and focus almost entirely on life mana[2]. At citrine, it grants access to water mana. The mender attunement is most commonly found in the Serpent Spire in Valia[1].

Political Importance[edit]

Due to their incredible healing abilities, menders were historically allowed to cross battlefields unharmed by both sides[3].

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Bone Healing[edit]

While the mender attunement does not provide access to bone mana, it allows the user to create bone using earth mana[3].

Notable Menders[edit]



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