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Primary Mana Fire
Secondary Mana Umbral
Tertiary Mana Air
Compound Mana War
Location Edria
Spire Hydra Spire

The Commander attunement is a shroud-based attunement designed for long-range area-of-effect spell casting. Commanders are known for their ability to expend portions of their shroud in order to increase the area and range of their spells. The commander attunement grants the attuned access to fire mana and umbral mana, along with their combination: war mana[1]. At citrine, it grants access to air mana[1]. The commander attunement is most commonly found in the Hydra Spire in Edria[1].

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Spell Extension[edit]

The commander attunement allows the attuned to use a portion of their shroud when casting a spell in order to extend the range and/or area of that spell[1]. This ability is best used for long range, area of effect spells, due to the risk of being hit before the shroud regenerates.

Notable Commanders[edit]

  • None



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