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The magic of Venaya all uses the same underlying system of manipulating Dominion essence. Dominions are planes of existence comprised of different types of essence, or as it's called on Kaldwyn, mana. The world the story takes place on is on the "core plane" and can be considered a planet on a plane of existence set between all dominions. Venaya and all other core planes are made up of the essence of the dominions they are set between.


Different Essence types impact the body differently. Each essence also has a set of other essences that it either doesn't mix well with or at all. A list of all essence types and associated pages can be found on the page Category:Essence.

Prime Essence[edit]

A list of the Prime Essence pages can be found on the page Category:Prime Essence. These essences are directly connected to the twelve Prime Dominions: motion, stability, life, death, wind, stone, flame, water, knowledge, deception, light and shadow.

Compound Essence[edit]

A list of the Compound Essence pages can be found on the page Category:Compound Essence. Compound Essence is a mixture of two Prime Essence types at a specific ratio. These are related to the Deep Dominions.

Complex Composite Essence[edit]

A Complex Composite Essence is a mixture multiple essences at a specific ratio such that it creates a stable mixture. Also known as hybrid essences, there are thousands of variations. Almost any combination of essence types can form a hybrid, although some essence types have better compatibility with each other and merge more easily. Hybrid essences can also consist of other hybrid essences, or combinations of hybrid and nonhybrid essence types. Typically found on Dania.

Sub Essence[edit]

Sub-essences are specific amounts of an essence producing a variation on the traditional essence. For example, mixing motion and light usually produces the compound essence constellations but mixing it in a slightly different ratio instead produces radiance essence.


There are sixty standard dominions in total. Each dominion has stars that act as a gateways or portals to a single dominion. These stars exist both on the core plane and in dominions. Each dominion is classified as either a prime dominion or deep dominion depending on how they connect to other dominions through these stars. Stars are gateways to a specific dominion or a celestial object like a planet. Deep Dominions are formed in the conflux of space between two primes dominions. The Prime and Deep Dominions are planes of existence that someone with the right abilities could visit.

Prime Dominions[edit]

There are twelve Prime Dominions associated with the twelve Prime Essence types. The prime dominions are associated with the prime essence types.

Deep Dominions[edit]

There are forty-eight Deep Dominions. Each Deep Dominion is associated with a Compound Essence type.



Calling is creating something that doesn't already exist by providing essence, and, in general, by bringing essence from a source into the world, usually in the form of a spell being cast. The source can be from a Dominion, from an item, from your own personal essence pool, etc. For example, using your essence to create a fireball spell is calling.


Shaping is manipulating existing essence. For example, pulling flames from a campfire and throwing them onto a target is shaping.

Magic methodologies types in Venaya[edit]

The following types of magic methodologies have been discovered so far in Venaya, and where you see them most often being gained or taught.

The list of Magic Types was provided by Professor Haven in Corin's Alternate Magic Sources class in AA4.