Crystal Marks

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Crystal marks are a method of accessing magic. They can be granted by the Gateway Crystals or elemental temples which can only be found in the Unclaimed Lands on the continent of Kaldwyn. Generally these marks only give a single essence type and they act as a middle-ground between Dominion Sorcery and Attunements as they can draw on the bodies resources like Dominion Sorcery but only after using the slowly recharging mana pool that the mark grants like an Attunement. Crystal marks tend to grow slower than Attunements and they have no functions or secondary benefits like extra mana types.

Crystal marks are generally considered inferior by the people of Kaldwyn but many of the stronger Attuned get a crystal mark to supplement their abilities. Like Dominion Sorcery, crystal marks have an efficiency so that the caster may have a ratio of (for example) 10:1 so for casting a 20 mana spell they would only spend 2 mana. Crystal marks have a more static efficiency than a Dominion Sorcerer.

The nation of Sytennia often ventures to get crystal marks from the Unclaimed Lands as they lack a Soaring Spire to obtain Attunements from.