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Primary Mana Umbral
Secondary Mana Earth
Tertiary Mana Fire
Compound Mana Enervation
Location Edria
Spire Hydra Spire

The Saboteur attunement is a shroud-based attunement designed for wartime infiltration and sabotage. Saboteurs are known for their ability to extend their shroud, weakening other those within its range. The saboteur attunement grants the attuned access to umbral mana and earth mana, along with their combination: enervation mana[1]. At citrine, it grants access to fire mana[1]. The saboteur attunement is most commonly found in the Hydra Spire in Edria[1].

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Debilitation Field[edit]

The saboteur attunement allows the attuned to extend their shroud outwards and infuse it with enervation mana, creating a debilitating field that weakens enemies within its range[1].

Notable Saboteurs[edit]

  • None



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