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A shroud is a field of mana that surrounds the body of an attuned, acting as a barrier against magical and physical attacks. It grows in strength relative to the level of the attuned starting at carnelian level, although some attunements grant access immediately. Attuned can also manipulate their shroud at higher attunement levels, either by shifting it to a specific type of element, concentrating it in a part of the body, or extending it beyond their body[1].

A shroud has a distinctive aura that is viewable by anyone who can see auras, such as those with the diviner and enchanter attunements, with a color matching the attunement level. To counteract this, it is possible for sunstone and greater level attuned to suppress their shroud partially, making it appear as if it were a lower attunement level, or completely, making it impossible to detect. Note that suppressing a shroud reduces the effectiveness of the shroud as well as the aura[2].



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