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Taelien Salaris
Aliases Keras Selyrian
Titles The Taelien, Paladin of Aendaryn, Wielder of Dawnbringer, Amuletless Alliterator, Sorrowful Slayer of Sacred Stones, Supporter of Sapient Spirits, Cadet, Deity’s Demise, Sword of Shattered Stars
Items Ulandir's Ghost Lantern, Sculptor, Mask of Kishor, Ring of Deflection, Dawnbringer, Dominion Breaker, Pale King's Regalia
Occupation Paladin of Tae'os
Species Unknown
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors, Weapons and Wielders, Arcane Ascension
Dominion Sorcery: Metal


Other Powers Bond with Dawnbringer, Connection to Dominion Breaker, Enchantment Copying, Annihilation Aura

Taelien Salaris, also known as Keras Selyrian, is one of the main characters of the entire franchise. He is a hero with a dangerous and powerful artifact, known as the Dominion Breaker, who gets caught up in the machinations of powers beyond his understanding. He is one of the protagonists of the War of Broken Mirrors books, as well as the narrator and main character of the Weapons and Wielders series.

Physical Description[edit]

A tall man with an athletic build and blue eyes that have hint of grey (maybe silver) in them, Taelien has long black hair that he lets flow loose. He's light skinned and prefers to go clean-shaven (though this might be a result of his abilities). Taelien prefers wearing long coats, and keeps several blades on his person at all times.


Taelien has a very mild mannered personality. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and willing to protect them at all costs.

He has a love for battle, and gets a wild grin every time he's about to jump into one, especially when the opponent is much stronger than him. However he is very much against taking lives needlessly.


Early Life[edit]

Taelien is thought to have been born (or possibly created) by Karasalia and Aendaryn, gods of the Mythralis continent, as a sort of spirit and wielder of the Sae’kes Taelien. He was raised by Rethri, who took him in after Erik Tarren asked them to keep Taelien safe for him.

Forging Divinity[edit]

Stealing Sorcery[edit]

Defying Destiny[edit]

Six Sacred Swords (Book)[edit]

Diamantine (Book)[edit]

Soulbrand (Book)[edit]

Sufficiently Advanced Magic[edit]

Before the events of Suffifciently Advanced Magic, Keras is accused of heresy in the nation of Dalenos for his public assertion that the Goddess and her Visages are lying to the people of Kaldwyn about the extent of the Tyrant in Gold's power over the outside world. Fleeing from there, he attempts to get an audience with the Visage Tenjin in Valia, but finds Tenjin absent, with only Laura Lyran, Elora Theas and a few others present in the Council of Lords. He ends up fighting them, refusing to be handed over to a Dalian delegation and tried for heresy.

He attempts to climb the Serpent Spire, where he ends up in a prison that later, Corin Cadence finds him in during his Judgment. Fleeing from the prison together with Corin, Vera Corrington and Echion, they encounter the Visage Katashi who fights Keras.

On the Shoulders of Titans[edit]

The Torch that Ignites the Stars[edit]

The Silence of Unworthy Gods[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Lydia Hastings
Lydia Hastings is Taelien's friend and commanding paladin officer. Keras is friends with Lydia despite knowing she was partially using him.
Jonan Kestrian
Taelien has spent time with Jonan and finds him irritating but does miss him.
Velas Jaldin
Velas is one of Keras' friends even with the injury she inflicted on him.
Landen is one of Keras' friends. Keras enjoys the friendly banter they have. Landen is one of his only friends that doesn't manipulate him in some way and Keras see's Your Friend as Landen is Dawnbringer's test.
Asphodel was a paladin candidate with Taelien and they became friends. However, Taelien finds her future sight unsettling and her vague advice irritating.
Wrynn Jaden
Wrynn is one of Keras' friends. She gifted him a shadeweave tunic and they have a close relationship with Keras being relieved when he finally managed to summon Wrynn.
Reika became friends with Keras after he bested and spared her after beating her in Dawnbringer's test. They travelled and competed in the Tournament of the Sacred Sword together.
Dawnbringer, Dawn, is the sentient Sacred Sword of light. She was bonded to Keras and joked with him frequently. She felt betrayed after discovering that Keras may be a living spirit of the Sae'kes but reconciled with him.
Corin Cadence
Corin is being trained by Keras and Keras was tasked with acting as his bodyguard by Katashi. Keras was willing to have memory crystals made of his fights to give to Corin.
Sera Cadence
Sera has a more unknown relationship with Keras. He gave her an, as of yet, unrevealed gift. They play Crowns together and when doing so Sera seems desperate to win. They have worked together on something with Keras claiming it to be too dangerous at Sera's level.
Patrick Wayland
Patrick views Keras as a legendary hero, the wielder of Dawnbringer and Diamantine. Keras made a copy of Dawnbringer, Bright Reflection, for Patrick and gave it the abilities he used in the Tournament.
Marissa Callahan
Marissa was also trained by Keras with Corin. Keras gave Mara emerald level enhancement elixirs to make her stronger.



Taelien is unusual in terms of magical abilities, as he grows faster than other sorcerers and can gain additional powers from the items that he absorbs. This makes him hard to scale with other characters, as he does not work on the same standard as them.

Dominion Sorcery[edit]

Dominion Function
Flame One of the three Dominions that Taelien has access to at the start of War of Broken Mirrors. He is skilled at Calling Fire, often evoking balls of flame for light, or throwing them at his opponents.
Stone Stone is another one of Taelien's most utilized Dominions. He uses it to Call Stone essence into his body to reinforce his strength or shape stone essence in the terrain around him.
Metal Metal is the Dominion that Taelien is most famous for using. His only use of Metal Calling has been for his Body of Iron spell. Otherwise, Taelien is mostly seen using it for shaping the metal in his weapons into a more useful shape, such as a link of chains to latch onto something.

Spirit Bonds[edit]

Dominion Breaker: The Dominion Breaker is the first of Taelien's many swords, as well as his strongest. He is bonded to it through yet unknown means, which provides him with an unusual and rare ability that lets him "annihilate" anything. This Annihilation essence is described as "cutting" things and can let him absorb abilities from magical items.

Essence Function
Annihilation Annihilation is Taelien's first and most dangerous power. It allows him to cut through anything regardless of strength, and absorb the essence from whatever he destroys. However, the more Taelien acclimates to Annihilation essence, the more he loses his personality. He becomes more cold, calculating and willing to murder, which is why he prefers it as a last resort.

Dawnbringer: the first of the Six Sacred Swords that Taelien ever bonded with, Dawnbringer provides him with access to three different essence types: light, enhancement and spirit. This bond also increases Keras' speed, physical abilities, mental processing speed and gives him a limited magic resistance.

Essence Function
Light Taelien gained access to the Dominion of Light from his bond with the Sacred Sword, Dawnbringer. It allows him to purge his body of toxins, enhance his abilities or shoot beams of light. He has not been shown to utilize Light shaping in any form.
Spirit Spirit is another Dominion granted to him by Dawnbringer. Though he uses it much less than he would Stability or Light. His strongest spell utilizing Spirit essence is Body of Dawn, aside from which he hasn't been shown using it.
Stability Stability is the last Dominion that Taelien is given access to through his bond with Dawnbringer. Stability strengthens his body, can be added to his spells to enhance them and is a component of his Body of Dawn spell.

Diamantine: The second of the Six Sacred Swords that Taelien bonded with. So far, we have not seen him show many abilities related to the essences granted by it.

Copied Powers[edit]

Keras has the strange power to learn from and pick up the abilities of items he uses.

Item Function
Ulandir’s Ghost Lantern Ulandir’s Ghost Lantern is a dominion bonded item that Keras had on Mythralis. The lantern revealed spirits when it was lit and Keras picked up the ability to see them, giving him what Wrynn called "a hint of spiritual awareness."
Sculptor Sculptor is a dagger that can be used to shape stone. Whilst having the dagger in his possession, Keras' stone shaping skill increased greatly.
Mask of Kishor The Mask of Kishor is a mask of a long dead god that covers the top half of the face. It is an artifact from the world Rendalir. The mask blocks magical detection, precognition and helps prevent people recognizing the wearer. Keras can now call upon the mask's power without needing it physically.
Ring of Spell Deflection The Ring of Spell Deflection was a magic ring that used light mana to deflect spells. Using this ring helped Keras develop light magic, although his bond with Dawnbringer helped more.

Magic Items[edit]

Sae’kes Taelien[edit]

The Sae'kes Taelien is the most powerful weapon at Taelien's disposal. It is a powerful dominion marked sword with seven runes and a jewelled pommel. The sword has an aura that annihilates anything it touches. Taelien has to actively suppress the aura when he uses the blade to prevent it cutting through his allies by powering the runes on the blade. The name of the blade the 'Sae’kes Taelien' is from the Liadran language and roughly translates to 'Sword that gives destruction to all things'. The sword is also known as the Dominion Breaker. Every time that Keras uses the Sae'kes it leaks some annihilation essence into his body - giving Keras an aura that annihilates everything around him and a supply of annihilation essence that he can use. The blade's aura does not hurt Keras despite cutting everything else. The gemstone pommel is connected to the Dominion of Travel and the gem in the hilt is connected to the Dominion of Insight. Training to power the runes on the sword has helped strengthen the dominion connections in Keras' body. There are a few abilities that the Sae'kes can perform: 'Spell Breaker', 'Mana Breaker/Essence Breaker' and 'Dominion Breaker'. Keras has demonstrated the ability to use the Spell Breaker technique and was stopped just before using Essence Breaker. Every time Keras uses the Sae'kes he desires to use it more.

Spell Breaker

Spell Breaker is a power from the Sae'kes. It is the ability to detonate spells, artifacts and enchantments. Detonating even weak spells causes destruction with varying types of damage depending on the mana type of the destroyed spell when mixed with the annihilation power of the Sae'kes. If Keras destroys enchanted items with his Spell Breaker technique a little essence from the item goes to Keras empowering him.

Essence Breaker

Essence Breaker also known as Mana Breaker is another technique from the Sae'kes. It causes mana within the body of anyone cut with the Sae'kes when the technique is active to explode, creating a massive blast, which could then potentially cause a chain reaction of mana resulting in an infinitely spreading explosion.

Dominion Breaker

Dominion Breaker is a technique named after one of the names for the blade. This technique is sealed away with part of the incantation lost forever.

Scabbard for the Sae'kes[edit]

Keras has a scabbard which is one of the few things that can restrain the Sae'kes. It uses immensely powerful protection sorcery. The more damaged the scabbard becomes the more Keras is willing to draw on the Sae'kes.