Six Sacred Swords (Book)

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Six Sacred Swords (Book)>
Weapons and Wielders
Precedes Diamantine (Book)
Setting Kaldwyn
Released 2019-02-08

Six Sacred Swords is the first book in the Weapons and Wielders series. TODO

Publisher Description[edit]

It doesn’t take a legendary sword to make a legendary swordsman, but it certainly helps.

Keras Selyrian is already well on the way to cutting his name into the annals of legend. He’s fought false divinities, thieving sorcerers, and corrupt demigods — and left them defeated in his wake. But he’s a long way from home, and Kaldwyn offers a different brand of danger than he’s used to.

He’s already got a sword of unfathomable power, but it’s damaged and leaking world-annihilating mana, so he’s in the market for a new one.

Possibly six. The more the better, really.

The Six Sacred Swords are Kaldwyn’s most famous artifacts, forged as the only means to defeat the god beasts. Each sword must be earned by a worthy champion, and no single person has ever managed to collect them all.

Not yet, at least.

Keras is just getting started[1].


For a chapter-by-chapter summary, see Six Sacred Swords (Book)/Summary


Available Editions[edit]


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