Weapons and Wielders

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The Weapons and Wielders series, by Andrew Rowe, is a fantasy Sword and Sorcery series. It takes place on the continent of Kaldwyn where Attunements are the primary form of magic, but many characters use other forms of magic. Weapons and Wielders follows Keras Selyrian on his quest to collect the Six Sacred Swords.

From the Author[edit]

Weapons and Wielders is the most straightforward and lighthearted series, focusing on action, comedy, and adventure. It follows Keras Selyrian, a powerful swordsman, as he searches for the Six Sacred Swords – and gets a lot more than he bargained for in the process. Some of the main inspirations for this series are The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Ys.

This series is still ongoing. The current plan is for Weapons and Wielders to last 6-7 books, but this may change as the series progresses. [1].

Books in the Series[edit]

  1. Six Sacred Swords
  2. Diamantine
  3. Soulbrand