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Weapons and Wielders
Follows Diamantine (Book)
Setting Kaldwyn
Released 2021-06-11

Soulbrand is the third book in the Weapons and Wielders series. TODO

Publisher Description[edit]

The Tournament of the Sacred Sword sounded like exactly the type of thing Keras would enjoy: a series of challenges for thousands of contestants seeking a chance to fight for the Sacred Sword of Earth. He knew there would be challenges. It wouldn’t be a high-stakes tournament without a few high-profile assassinations and mysterious murders, after all. But Keras wasn’t ready to run into someone from his homeland, and he certainly wasn’t prepared for the revelations that came from their confrontation.

Still reeling from the strange revelations of their meeting, Keras plunges back into the fight, preparing for the battle royale — a massive free-for-all contest outside of the scope of the standard tournament rounds. When the consequences of that match tear at the bonds between his allies, he’ll have to face new challenges alone.

Satoshi Muramasa, the strange swordsman from the distant kingdom of Artinia. Crown Princess Edria Song, the Wielder of Diamantine. Ishyeal Dawnsglow, the Wielder of Soulbrand.

When their blades clash, the heart of the world will tremble[1].


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