Six Sacred Swords

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The Six Sacred Swords are a set of swords forged in the Elemental Temples of Kaldwyn. Each of the six represent one of the six types of elemental damage: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light and Shadow. Each of the swords has a number of amulets that are earned through completing challenges, and each amulet is tied to and augments the power of the correlating sword.

The Swords[edit]

  1. Soulbrand - the sword of fire
  2. Flowbreaker - the sword of water, known to be broken
  3. Cloudcutter - the sword of air
  4. Diamantine - the sword of earth
  5. Dawnbringer - the sword of light
  6. Twilight's Edge - the sword of shadow


  1. Diamantine - the Royal Edrian Family