Jonan Kestrian

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Jonan Kestrian
Aliases Scribe
Species Human
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors
Dominion Sorcery: Sight


Jonan Kestrian is a Point-of-View character in the War of Broken Mirrors series.

Physical Description[edit]

Jonan has olive skin with short brown hair. Jonan only has one useable eye and it has been weakened by years of heavy overuse of sight magic.



Early Life[edit]

Forging Divinity[edit]

Stealing Sorcery[edit]

Defying Destiny[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Taelien Salaris
Lydia Hastings
Aayara Haven
Velas Jaldin
Jonan has worked with Velas as both serve Aayara. Jonan helps place artifact marks on Velas and they work on enchanting together.


Lavender is a Vae'kes who burned his home and family down. Lavender burning his family to death caused Jonan to hate fire. Jonan hates Lavender and was scared when reencountering her.



Jonan is a dominion sorcerer who typically uses sight sorcery. He also has access to flame sorcery. Jonan uses "assassin's sorcery" which involves mental commands and hand signals for spells. Physical contact helps with his spellcasting. He also has Edon's notes on dominion marking, linking dominion marked items to people and the 'Eru' commands. He has spent a little time learning about time sorcery but he lacks any ability to utilise it.

Dominion of Sight[edit]

Jonan uses sight sorcery frequently. Sight sorcery takes a toll on the eyesight and Jonan uses it too frequently inflicting permanent damage to his sight. He has multiple sets of glasses for his eyes.

Dark Vision

Jonan has a spell that lets him see perfectly in darkness. He taps a finger to the right side of his head for this spell. This spell has a heavy cost on Jonan's sight.


Jonan can make himself invisible. He uses the mental command "Erase image of self." He can also target multiple people and allow them to see each other with the command "Erase our images, except to each other." He has also used the mental command "Fade from sight." Jonan can manipulate what parts of the body are invisible.

See Through Matter

Jonan has a spell that lets him see through matter. Jonan also has a similar spell to see through clothes which he used on Edon to record all his dominion marks.

Create Image

'Create Image' is a spell that can create illusions. Jonan can also make it so only some people can see the illusions. Jonan has immense flexibility with this spell being able to create illusions of objects, people, other illusions like bolts of shimmering light and more.


Jonan can inflict blindness on himself with the mental command "blindness." He can end the spell with "vision return."

Attack Illusion

Jonan can create an illusion that is designed to "attack" to trick barriers into expending energy even without being able to deal any actual damage.

Remote Viewing

Jonan has a 'remote viewing' spell that lets him see through his mirrors.

See Invisibility

Jonan has a sight spell that allows him to see other invisible figures. He activates this with the tap of a finger to the centre of his forehead. This spell forms a glowing outline of invisible people that Jonan can see. He can cast this on other people with the mental command "let her see."


Jonan can shape sight essence to produce an effect which alters what people see allowing him to disguise people with the mental command "disguise."

Dominion of Flame[edit]

Flame acclimation helps with resisting extreme temperature changes and using flame essence eats away at body heat. Jonan hates fire because of Lavender.

Flame Blast

Jonan can create bursts of flame. Jonan can form white flames that have great heat.


Jonan can create spheres of flames and can detonate them with his will. He can also detonate fireballs made by other people, even the Vae'kes Lavender.


Jonan can disperse flames.

Dominion of Sound[edit]

Jonan learned a little sound sorcery from Velas.

Hearing Amplification

Jonan can amplify and focus his hearing.

Dominion of Motion[edit]

Jonan once demonstrated ability with the dominion of motion. Using motion essence costs speed and building it up increases speed.

Motion Burst

Jonan can create a burst of motion from his hand which is strong enough to splinter wood.

Artifact Sorcery[edit]

Jonan is capable of applying marks to himself that connect him to various different dominion marked items. He is also aware of a number of 'Eru' phrases to activate different effects on different artifacts. He learned of this through Edon's research notes.

Item Function
Heartlance The Heartlance is an artifact lance that can apply a haste effect to the wielder. Even without having the Heartlance on him, Jonan can siphon off energy from its haste function because of his artifact mark connecting him to the effect. The phrase "Eru elan lav kor taris" produces a powerful shockwave that launches people nearby around for a dozen yards. This motion sorcery effects makes Jonan very slow after he uses it.
Hartigan’s Star Replica A replica of Hartigan's Star, a dominion marked ring made by Blake Hartigan. The replica was made by the Blackstone Assassin and enhances the user's flame sorcery. Jonan has bound this item to himself, enhancing his flame magic to the point he could hurt Lavender.
Amulet of the Unfaltering Spirit The Amulet of the Unfaltering Spirit is one of Vaelien's personal items. This amulet strengthens the connection between the wearer’s body, essence, and spirit, bolstering all three. It provides near immunity to offensive death and spirit sorcery, as well as resistance to other effects which interfere with the wearer’s essence. Jonan believes that his link to this artifact is what helped him keep his sorcery when Lavender grabbed him.
Myros' Helmet Myros' helmet is a dominion marked piece of armour with sound dominion mark that allows the wearer to change their voice. Jonan has an artifact mark connecting himself to this and can use it to make his voice silent.


Jonan knows a decent amount about enchanting, being capable of dominion bonding and learning about conning people to dominion marked items from Edon's research notes.

Dominion Bonding[edit]

Jonan is capable of dominion bonding, flooding a material with dominion essence, to imbue an effect. He typically does this with mirrors so that he can send images between them. He does this by mixing ink with essence from the dominion of sight. Dominion bonded items usually have simple effects and can only be connected to a single dominion.

Dominion Marking[edit]

After learning from Edon's notes, Jonan learned about dominion marking and has been shown to be capable of making simple enchantments like dominion marking earrings to have an invisibility effect.

Magic Items[edit]

Image Sharing Mirrors[edit]

Jonan can dominion bond ink to the Dominion of Sight and use it with mirrors, allowing images to be shared between the mirrors.

Clarity Glasses[edit]

Jonan has glasses bonded to the Dominion of Clarity. The bond does not help his vision but instead help resist mental compulsion.

Aayara's Mirrors[edit]

Aayara gifted Jonan a set of magic mirrors. These mirrors detect and display sorcerous auras. Anyone can activate the mirrors by touching the glyphs on the frames. These mirrors connect to matching mirrors so Jonan can look at one to look through the other. He can also tap a glyph to cause the mirror to play everything its seen backwards and can pause the image.

Sound Transference Earrings[edit]

A pair of earrings created by Jonan and Velas using Edon's notes on dominion marks. There are 4 runes on the earrings: sound transference so that it is possible to hear through the earrings, silence to prevent others listening in, invisibility to hide the earrings and an activation rune that activates the effects with a little essence.