Donovan Tailor

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Donovan Tailor
Aliases Edon
Titles Ascended, God of Ascension
Occupation God (Formerly), Head of Edonate religion (Formerly)
Species Human
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors
Other Powers Artifact Sorcery

Edon was once the ruler of Orlyn, until he was deposed in a coup. He was the leader of the pantheon of self-made “deities”, who used a form of sorcery drawn from dominion marked items to empower themselves.

Physical Description[edit]

Edon appears to be 30 to 35 years old. He has brown hair in a pony tail. He only has faint smile lines. His eyes are the only part of him that show age.


In the past Donovan preached that humanity shroud strive towards godhood but he felt as if he were punished by the gods after his magic was stolen. Before he lost his magic, he truly believed in sharing knowledge to improve the lives of all. He believes himself as being abandoned by everyone and claimed himself as a god so that the people would have a god that actually cares for them. He is a good talker, managing to found a religion around himself. Donovan did work on solutions to help the uvar children but he did also experiment on them. Edon is quite logical and very smart. Blake Hartigan calls Edon "one of the most paranoid men I've ever met." Edon originally wanted to share his knowledge of magic but determined it to be too risky and eventually erased parts of his own knowledge. When questioned by Velas whilst he was imprisoned, Edon tries to gather information and manipulate her. Edon was willing to cheat in Taelien's battle against his warriors.


Early Life[edit]

Forging Divinity[edit]

Defying Destiny[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Morella is Edon's research partner. They worked together on the Rethri and uvar projects and worked to restore Edon's magic. He and Morella each know parts of the information for their work so they need each other to continue. Edon is ever grateful to Morella for inspiring him to study the 'Eru' phrase he received.


Edon was once a follower of Sytira but he developed a great anger toward Sytira as he believed that she severed him from his sorcery as a punishment for speaking of mortals trying to reach godhood. However, he is informed by Velas that it was most likely a Vae'kes that stole his sorcery so his current feelings towards the goddess Sytira are unknown.



Edon's magic was stolen from him making him fully incapable of using dominion sorcery. He manages to use magic by connecting himself to dominion marked items and reverse engineering the phrase his spell gave him when his magic was severed. Edon has no sorcerous aura.

Artifact Sorcery[edit]

After Dononvan's sorcery was taken from him, he began to experiment with connecting himself to dominion marked items. This alone was not enough for Dononvan, who managed to reverse engineer the 'Eru' phrase from his magic's theft to produce a number of different phrases which invoke his dominion marked items in various ways. He used this power to masquerade as a god.

Item Function
Heartlance The Heartlance is an artifact lance that can apply a haste effect to the wielder. Even without having the Heartlance on him, Edon can siphon off energy from its haste function because of his artifact mark connecting him to the effect. The phrase "Eru elan lav kor taris" produces a powerful shockwave that launches people nearby around for a dozen yards.
Hartigan’s Star Prototype 17 Hartigan's Star Prototype 17 is a dominion marked ring created by Blake Hartigan which was given to Donovan. The ring pulls essence from the Dominion of Flame and allows the user to use flame sorcery. The phrase "Eru volar shen taris" ceates blue-white flames from the Hartigan's Star prototype. When Lydia used this chant with the same ring it was enough to threaten the Vae'kes Sterling.
Myros' Armour Myros' armour was dominion marked with a number of enchantments including durability and teleportation. Edon has linked himself to the teleportation function and can teleport the armour and whoever is wearing it away. The phrase "Eru volar proter taris" reinforces the body considerably or creates phantasmal armour. Edon never used this phrase but the phrase was found in his notes. Myros' helmet has sound sorcery abilities and Edon demonstrated ability with sound sorcery so he has likely linked to the helmet.

Eru Phrases[edit]

Edon also has some 'Eru' phrases for artifacts that have not been seen.

Eru volis mar sharu taris

'Eru volis mar sharu taris' is a counter sorcery ability on a huge scale. This phrase removed all sorcerous effects over a huge area. This seems to be a replication of the gifts of Sytira.

Eru volar esu raval taris

'Eru volar esu raval taris' is a spell that removed Lydia's invisibility and barrier. Some kind of anti-magic ability.

Tesh molain sol ko Eru ravel lares taris

'Tesh molain sol ko Eru ravel lares taris' is a phrase Edon has written down in his notes.

Eru len kor vesu et taris

'Eru len kor vesu et taris' is another phrase from Edon's research notes.

Eru ravel lares taris

'Eru ravel lares taris' is the phrase Edon received when his sorcery was stolen. He worked out the rest of the 'Eru' phrases from this.

Rethri Bonding[edit]

Edon experimented for years with Rethri and uvar people. He spent a long time working on breaking and remaking Rethri dominion bonds. Edon wanted to swap which dominions Rethri were bonded to. This was done so that he could restore the uvar, crippled Rethri children with no functioning dominion bonds, and heal them.

However, Edon also came up with a theoretical use for the uvar: essence batteries. He would link the uvar to a dominion and then link the uvar to himself. He would keep the uvar is stasis until he needed power and then he would rip power through the uvar as needed. Edon claims that he would have used the uvar batteries as sources of dominion essence so that he could make dominion bonded items to heal the other uvar.


Edon knows about enchanting from his apprenticeship with Blake Hartigan.

Dominion Marking[edit]

Dominion marking is a rare type of enchanting on Mythralis. Dominion marks can connect things to dominions.


Edon is supposedly immortal, seeming to become younger after ascending to "godhood" and then not aging. The method of how this works is unknown.

Magic Items[edit]