Blake Hartigan

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Blake Hartigan
Titles The Ember Lord
Items Hartigan's Star, Other Enchanted Rings
Occupation Local Lord of Edgelake
Species Human
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors
Dominion Sorcery: Flame


Other Powers Reincarnation

Blake Hartigan is a character in the War of Broken Mirrors series. He is one of the three Immortal Sorcerers. He was referenced in The Silence of Unworthy Gods by Saffron who effectively said that he would not attack a blood descended of Blake as Blake would intervene - thus showing that Blake is strong enough to threaten Vae'kes.

Physical Description[edit]

As of Stealing Sorcery, Blake looks like a normal man in his 50s. He has mostly grey hair with some brown strands remaining. His face has lots of wrinkles and his only sign of wealth is the rings on his hands. He walks with a straight back.


Blake is considered strange by the standards of normal sorcerers. He often spends months in his tower without leaving and gives extremely valuable gifts out to the people who live near him. He has a reputation of being highly dangerous but people under him feel safer when he is around. He is mildly manipulative offering Lydia, who was investigating him for murder an apprenticeship. Blake insists that he would never commit violence against Edrick Theas and his family over academic disagreements. He is also slightly paranoid installing protections on his dominion marked items so that one has to be connected to them to use them. He also believed that spreading knowledge of dominion marking would lead to the extinction of humanity. Hartigan is more likely to burn a building down than to hire assassins. He is also highly intelligent. Blake was both polite and friendly to Lydia.



Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Lydia Hastings
Blake took Lydia on for training, helping improve her sorcery abilities after she was weakened by Sterling.
Donovan Tailor
Donovan was one of Blake's apprentices. Blake taught Donovan how to make dominion marked items.




Hartigan is a dominion sorcerer and an Immortal Sorcerer. He is famed for his use of flame magic and his creation of Hartigan's Star, a dominion marked ring.

Dominion of Flame[edit]

Blake is an expert with flame sorcery. His reputation for incinerating dozens of enemies at once earned him the title "The Ember Lord." Blake's fire spells have been recorded at over 600 domini. According to Kester, as of War of Broken Mirrors 3, Blake can spend around 20 of his personal flame essence without permanent damage. However, Blake's average fire spells is about 400 essence which he gets from spending a single point of personal essence. Kester estimates that Blake has a 1:400 efficiency but when he uses Hartigan's Star his efficiency is 1:600. Wrynn believes that Hartigan has the power to be the Prime Lord of Flame, if all the political issues were to be ignored. Blake is known for burning down cities.

Flame Coil

Blake can form a serpentine coil of flame that hisses as if alive.

Flaming Arrows

Blake can create arrows of flame.

Dominion of Lightning[edit]

Blake has demonstrated a lightning spell when training Lydia.

Lightning Strike

Blake can cast lightning bolts with very little focus. He uses the chant "Lightning, descend and strike." If he focused more the lightning stays true to the path but if he gives minimal attention it will follow metal.

Dominion of Stone[edit]

Blake has demonstrated the ability to manipulate the stone of his tower.


Blake can raise stone walls in his tower with the word "wall."

Dominion of Void[edit]

Blake can use void magic.


Blake can cast a void spell with the word "voidlance" which creates three javelins of void mana which launch at his targets. Void spells excel at cancelling out magic it touches.

Dominion of Motion[edit]

Blake demonstrated the ability to manipulate kinetic energy

Kinetic Burst

Blake waved a hand to send a "burst of kinetic energy" to blast items away.


Blake Hartigan is immortal in a sense. He managed to perform a ritual that Kelryssia a goddess of sorcery failed. The ritual allowed him to take control of his cycle of reincarnation and ensures that when he dies he is reborn with all of his memories. He does not retain his dominion connections and needs to retrain in each life.


Hartigan is an expert at enchanting and writes books on dominion bonding. Hartigan is the person who basically invented the process of enchanting rings.

Dominion Bonding[edit]

Dominion bonding is the process of flooding an item with one essence type and then binding a spell to the item. A huge amount of his possessions are dominion bonded including his silverware.

Dominion Marking[edit]

Dominion Marking is a far more complex type of enchanting. Blake's methods of creating dominion marked items involve the use of refined dominion essence. Hartigan uses dominion marks for several reasons: the essence from dominions is stored within the mark rather than the item itself and the ability to connect a dominion marked item to something else - like connecting a person to an item so they can access new types of essence or to use the item as a catalyst to connect to a dominion. Hartigan creates artificial gemstones and then transfers the essence from materials saturated with dominion essence into the gemstone. He then adds the gemstone to an item and applies dominion marks to the items.


Hartigan is well respected for his alchemy ability. Blake keeps extensive alchemical notes, recording all the work he does. Hartigan can make healing potions that are far better than what Mythralis usually has. Blake knows a great deal about alchemy from when attempting to obtain immortality the Tyrenian way. Blake also makes potions that mix antithetical dominion compounds.

Magic Items[edit]

Hartigan's Star[edit]

Hartigan's Star is Blake Hartigan's ultimate weapon. A ring with refined essence from the Dominion of Flame and dominion marks. Blake claims that the ring could "consume the world in fire" and that he should have destroyed him but his pride prevented it. The following quote about Hartigan's Star is from Kester.

His star constantly pulls essence as fast as he could make it from the Flame dominion and stores it in the largest mana capacitor he could create, giving himself access to hundreds of thousands of domini of pre-called, immediately usable essence. This allows him to call spells using his maximum power, and then add to that by pulling as much essence as he wants from the ring, adding it to his calling, and the ring will immediately begin refilling itself at his maximum ritual powered calling rate. In essence (ha), Hartigan is walking around with the mana levels, mana transfer speed, and therefore power-boost, of a Sapphire+ attuned. (But only for Flame spells)

Various Other Items[edit]

Hartigan has a ring that allows him to disable the protection ritual on his door. One of the rings that Hartigan wears protects him from sleep spells but needs to be manually activated in advance. Blake has a tiny enchanted device that heats his cauldron. He has countless other dominion bonded items in an armoury.