Aayara Haven

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Aayara Haven
Aliases Symphony, The Lady of Thives
Items Luck's Touch
Occupation Head of The Orchestra
Species Vae’kes
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors, Arcane Ascension

Aayara Haven, also known as Symphony or the Lady of Thieves, is the patron deity of thieves on the continent of Mythralis. She one of the eldest of the Vae’kes, who are believed to be the children of Vaelien. Like all Vae’kes, she possesses the ability to permanently steal sorcerous power with a touch. As a tremendously ancient being, she is one of the deadliest known entities on the continent. Even gods fear her. Aayara’s followers use “ess” names (meaning they start with the letter “s”) as code names, such as Silk (Velas Jaldin) and Scribe (Jonan Kestrian). Characters that use “ess” names are collectively called “esses”.

Physical Description[edit]

Aayara is said to have Gold hair and eyes, she describes herself as looking like her aunt who was described as muscular with bony angles though Jonan notes she is slim with less defined muscles than Velas.



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Friends and Associates[edit]