On the Shoulders of Titans

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<On the Shoulders of Titans>

Cover by Daniel Kamarudin

Arcane Ascension
Follows Sufficiently Advanced Magic
Precedes The Torch that Ignites the Stars
Setting Valia, Kaldwyn
Released 2017-02-26

On the Shoulders of Titans is the second book in the Arcane Ascension series. TODO

Publisher Description[edit]

Corin Cadence finally has a firm reason to believe his brother, Tristan, is still alive.

Unfortunately, finding more information isn’t going to be easy. Tristan appears to be entangled with a clandestine organization that calls themselves Whispers. And Corin’s last brush with the Whispers didn’t exactly end well.

As much as he wants to follow that lead, Corin has more pressing problems to deal with.

Sera is still suffering from a mysterious malady that has stolen her voice and her magic. Corin knows that a portion of that is his fault, and he’s determined to fix it.

His mother is still off in another country, and there are growing odds that she’s involved with a conspiracy to overthrow the visages.

Corin has also been branded with a new magical mark on his right hand — one that even veteran climbers don’t seem to recognize. He’s going to need to figure out how it works, otherwise it could be more of a vulnerability than an asset.

Corin still hasn’t finished his first year at Lorian Heights. If he fails his final exams, he’ll be sent off to the military, and lose his chance to investigate his brother’s fate.

And finally, there’s the issue of enemies.

He might have made a few of them.

The biggest problem?

He’s not sure if Jin, once one of his closest companions, is one of them[1].

Book Summary[edit]

For a chapter-by-chapter summary, see On the Shoulders of Titans/Summary


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