Jin Dalen

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Jin Dalen
Occupation Exchange Student at Lorian Heights Academy
Species Human
Nation Edria
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Mesmer

Jin Dalen is a foreign student from East Edria at Lorian Heights.

Jin starts as a business associate of Corin Cadence, but later develops into a romantic interest as well. This is strained by his actions during an excursion into the Serpent Spire while attempting to get Vera Corrington to Visage Katashi.

Physical Description[edit]

Almond-shaped eyes and amber skin. Typically dressed in black.



Sufficiently Advanced Magic[edit]

On the Shoulders of Titans[edit]

The Torch that Ignites the Stars[edit]

The Silence of Unworthy Gods[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Corin Cadence
Sera Cadence



Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Mesmer Perception Death Umbral Mesmers alter emotions and perceptions. They typically focus on making others ignore their presence, treating them as an unimportant part of the background.

Due to having earned his attunement earlier in Edria, he has already achieved Sunstone at the start of the series.


Magic Items[edit]