Sera Cadence

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Sera Cadence
Occupation Student at Lorian Heights Academy
Species Human
Nation Valia
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Summoner (Lung)

Invoker (Lung) - Replaced Summoner

Crystal Marks: Transcendence Shrine Crystal : Density (Hand)

Sera Cadence, also known as Sera Shard[1], is the sister of Corin Cadence, and an Invoker with a contract to the God Serpent Seiryu. She was recently suffering from ice forming on her body after Saffron punched through her and Aayara saved her. Sera is one of the main characters in the Arcane Ascension series.

Physical Description[edit]

Dark hair with curl pattern. She has grey eyes like Magnus.


Sera is intelligent and extroverted.


Sufficiently Advanced Magic[edit]

On the Shoulders of Titans[edit]

The Torch that Ignites the Stars[edit]

The Silence of Unworthy Gods[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Corin Cadence
Tristan Cadence
Magnus Cadence
Laura Lyran

Friends and Associates[edit]

Patrick Wayland
Marissa Callahan
Keras Selyrian



Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Base Attunement Location Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Invoker[2] Summoner Lung TBA TBA TBA

Allows a mage to draw power directly from their summoned monsters, rather than just casting their spells with their own mana supply.[2]

Density Crystal Mark[3] NA Hand Density[3] - -

Allows Sera to draw on Density mana through her bond with the Transcendence Crystal.[3]

Invoker Attunement[edit]

Sera has an ascended attunement, Invoker. It is an ascended Summoner attunement and they are very similar with Invoker allowing Sera to draw on the mana and abilities from her summoned creatures. She can form contracts and bind monsters. Sera has a shroud, a magical aura that slows down or stops attacks, from her attunement. She is a lung marked attuned so she typically uses incantations with her spells. She can cast a binding spell that allows her to make weak copies of monsters with the word "bind" and if the monster is intelligent she can form a contract in which they exchange mana. Each bound and contracted creature costs Sera some of her mana pool but as an Invoker her pool grows faster than most other attunements. The Invoker attunement gives access to air and transference mana which can be combined to form travel mana.

Invoker Function[edit]

Air Mana[edit]

Sera gets access to air mana from her attunement.

Move Object

Sera has an air spell that allows her to move objects towards her. She used the chant "Wyvern, I call upon our pact. Deliver this key unto me." The spell does not actually require a contract with a wyvern because Sera has air mana from her attunement naturally.

Wind Barrier

Sera has a spell that holds wind back. She uses the chant "Wyvern, I call upon our pact! Protect us from the wind." Again the spell does not actually require a contract with a wyvern because Sera has air mana from her attunement naturally.


Sera can levitate upwards with wind mana. She uses the word "float" or "levitate."

Wind Blast

Sera can launch blasts of wind that push things away. She can also use blasts of wind to push herself. She can also produce an omni-directional wind.


Sera can use air mana to fly.

Transference Mana[edit]

Transference mana helps build up speed.


Sera has made a number of contracts with different monsters, some of them enabling her use of their mana types. Sera frequently summons copies of her contracted monsters to aid her in battle. If she 'invokes' her contracts she can draw on their mana pool and spells.


Sera negotiated a contract with Seiryu the God Serpent during her Judgment, allowing her to use ice magic[1] and grants her limited control over ice magic. Seiryu copies can only be summoned within the Spires and Sera uses the chant "Serpent of the deepest depths, / Mother of a thousand spawn, / Power beyond mortal grasp, / I call upon our bond. / My strength to yours is nothing, / But my soul to yours demands, / Fulfill the oath we made as one, / And come to my command! / Seiryu, I summon you." Sera does not have the power to true summon Seiryu but even a fraction of Seiryu is devastatingly powerful.

Ice Mana[edit]

Sera uses ice mana frequently. She can use ice mana because of her contract with Seiryu.

Permafrost Cascade

'Permafrost Cascade' is a spell that rains down sharp ice at Sera's enemies. She uses the chant "Child of the goddess, I call upon your aid. / Rain frost from the skies in a Permafrost Cascade." Sera can form real ice when using this spell instead of mana constructs in the shape of ice but it costs more mana.

Ice Spheres

Sera can create spheres of ice that rotate around her.

Ice Wall

Sera can form a wall of ice and she uses the chant "Ice, answer my command and form a wall." She also managed to form an ice barrier with the chant "Frost, I invoke you to block his path." She also managed the simple word "wall" to produce a barrier of ice. Following her mana scaring she learned to cast with just a hand gesture.


Sera can cast a spell that forms a patch of ice to cause slipping with the word "slip."

Ice Platform

Sera can form platforms of ice with the word "freeze."

Ice Whip

Sera can form a whip of ice that she can use to grab people.

Ice Dome

Sera can form domes of ice with the word "Shell."


Sera can wrestle for control of ice spells from others with the word "reverse" because Seiryu granted her some control over ice magic.

Ice Daggers

Sera can form a handful of ice daggers that launch forwards with the chant "Winds, carry upon you blades of ice."

Ice Bridge

Sera can form a bridge of ice with the chant "Child of the goddess, I call upon our pact. Form a bridge of ice."

Frost Blast

Sera launch launch blasts of ice. She can do so with the wave of a hand.

Ice Lance/Javelins

Sera can form lances and javelins of ice that launch through the air.


Sera can shatter ice with the wave of a hand.

Ice Control

Sera can direct ice and launch it at her opponents.

Ice Strands

Sera can create thin lines of ice.

Ice Spike

Sera can form spikes of ice.

Sword Enhancement

Sera can create a globe of ice which envelops a blade and wraps it in ice. She used the chant "Child of the goddess, / I call upon your aid, / Summon all your power, / And breathe ice upon his blade."

Arctic Wind

Sera has a spell that creates a burst of freezing wind. This likely incorporates wind mana with the ice mana.

Ice Shield

Sera can form a shield of ice.

Snow Ball

Sera has a spell that lets her create a ball of snow.


Sera has a spell which forms a ball of ice that splits and freezes whatever it touches.


Sera can create a hail of ice.

Ice Block

Sera has a spell that creates a block of ice around whatever, or whoever, she touches and she says the word "freeze" when she uses this spell.


Sera has invoked Seiryu with the chant "Seiryu, I invoke you."

Freeze Forever

This spell drastically reduces the surrounding's temperature and freezes the water in the air. This spell causes a shimmering around a targeted body and it began to form frost and force a body to be locked in place from the ice.


Vanniv is a karvensi. A "fashion model"-looking monster with wings and "perfectly-sculpted muscles of stone." He wields a number of different mana types and is frequently summoned by Sera. He is somewhat magic resistant and has intelligence to match a person. Vanniv can use ice, fire, lightning and earth mana. Sera's updated contract with Vanniv gives Sera access to earth mana.


Sera can invoke Vanniv with the chant "Vanniv, I invoke your power." These are the spells she used when Invoking Vanniv.

Rock Armour

Sera can cast the 'Rock Armour' spell which forms a stone suit of armour around her from the neck down and creates stone wings capable of flight from the back of the armour.

Lightning Redirection

Sera can shape lightning away from herself and redirect it.

Lightning Orb

Sera can form an orb of lightning that she can launch at her opponent.

Lightning Bolt

Sera can use lightning bolt spells.

Fire Blast

Sera can use a blast of fire when invoking Vanniv.

Stone Dome

Sera can form a dome of stone that can trap her enemies.


Researcher is a knowledge elemental. She looks like a shimmering blue woman with brown hair. She has access to mental mana and her contract with Sera allows Sera to use mental mana.


Sera has previously invoked Researcher with the chant "Researcher, I invoke your power."


Sera could use Researcher's divination abilities so she could avoid Mizuchi's attacks.

Susan the Spectre

Susan the Spectre is a ghost who wields a knife. Sera gets spirit mana from Susan. Susan's touch causes a great numbness in the touched area.


Sera has invoked Susan the Spectre with the chant "Spooky murder ghost, I invoke you."


Sera made herself incorporeal, transparent and floating.

Emery Verena

Sera formed a contract with the spire formed copy of Emery Verena. The contract costs Sera next to nothing.

Transcendence Gateway Crystal

Sera managed to form a contract with the Transcendence Gateway Crystal, granting her transcendence mana. She can also summon a copy of the Crystal which can then form duplicates of it's test takers. For example, Sera summoned a copy of the Transcendence Gateway Crystal and the Crystal then formed three copies of Keras from when he took the Crystal's trial.


Globbulon is a slime the size of a train car. Sera has previously summoned Globbulon in the air and dropped it on top of her Lute as a strategy.


Satsuki is a murder serpent and a descendant of Seiryu. She looks like a tall woman with turquoise hair flecked with splotches of blue and green. She wears armour covered in purple scales and carries a red glaive. Satsuki can an 'aura' of murder. It produces the taste of blood and a thumping of the heart which gets stronger as she approaches. She has three elemental shrouds. She has a great physical strength and speed and can produce a burning breath attack by consuming a bit of her fire shroud. She can also cause chest pain with a gesture and form spikes, spears, knives and blasts of red energy. She can also create a scream based breath attack.

Density Crystal Mark[edit]

Sera has a crystal mark from the Transcendence Gateway Crystal. A crystal mark is in between Dominion Sorcery and Attunements. This mark gives her density mana. It started with a small pool of 10 mana and has an efficiency ratio of 3 to 1.

Density Mana[edit]

Density mana is made from Earth and Enhancement mana. It is used to form temporary objects.

Lesser Conjure Object

'Lesser Conjure Object' forms a green crystal in Sera's hand.

Perfect Prison

'Perfect Prison' is a shaper box technique. It forms a solid box of density mana designed to trap an enemy. Sera uses the chant "perfect prison" when she used this spell.


Sera can cast a spell that produces shackles and chains of green stone around a target. This may be a density spell.


Sera can launch a number of green stone darts towards her enemies with a gesture.

Magic Items[edit]

Ceris, the Song of Harmony

Sera received Ceris from Katashi. According to him it will "sing for [her] - so long as her mortal heart continues to beat", after which it will return to him[4]. Ceris can absorb any type of spell it comes into contact with and release the spell at the will of the wielder. The absorption range is around 10 feet and requires mental commanding to activate. Only one spell can be stored at a time and the sword has been confirmed to be capable of storing Sapphire level spells.

Messaging Necklace

The communication necklace is an item created by Corin. It has a low Citrine level of air mana which allows Sera to send and receive messages from any of the other messaging necklaces Corin has made.

Shield Sigil

The basic issued shield sigil is silver pin from Lorian Heights Academy. It is about the size of a coin and when it detects an incoming attack it produces a barrier of grey mana.

Phoenix Sigil

The phoenix sigils are enchanted items made by Corin. A sigil in the shape of a phoenix about the same size of the shield sigils. The phoenix sigil is self-recharging and has a greater capacity than the regular shield sigil. It produces a barrier of grey mana much like the shield sigil. The phoenix sigil has functions for healing injuries and helping to recover mana. The phoenix sigils have teleportation functions which connect to a specific 'anchor'. This sigil has more than 4 times the capacity of the school issued sigils.

Summon Enhancing Bracers

A Sunstone level enchanted item made by Corin. When activated it releases mana to be used by Sera for summoning.



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