Magnus Cadence

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Magnus Cadence
Occupation Head of House Cadence, Duelist
Species Human
Nation Valia
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension
Attunements: Shaper (Hand) - (Former)

Enchanter (Hand) - (Current)

Magnus Cadence is the current head of House Cadence and a renowned Valian duelist. He's the father of Tristan, Corin, and Sera Cadence. He had the Shaper Attunement from the Serpent Spire


He is a tall, athletic man with grey eyes and short trimmed black hair with streaks of grey along the temples. He is noted by Corin to be the perfect image of a nobleman[1].


Corin describes Magnus as a very deliberate man. Like most Valians, he considers combat focused attunements to be of higher value and considers Corin a failure for getting an Enchanter instead[1]. He "trained" Corin ruthlessly which caused broken bones and heavy bleeding leaving permanent scars.

Familial Relationships[edit]

Laura Lyran
Laura Lyran is Magnus' former spouse. After Tristan does not return from his Judgment, Laura leaves Magnus and her family behind, taking Sera and her mother with her.
Tristan Cadence
Tristan is Magnus' eldest son who he believes to be dead.
Corin Cadence
Magnus took Corin out of school and beat him over the course of several years to prepare the boy for hisJudgement. This repeated abuse gave Corin trauma and scars that Magnus disregards, due to which they have a very strained relationship.
Sera Cadence
Sera may be the bastard daughter of Magnus. Sera only learns of Magnus being her father when he decides that, due to Corin's perceived failure, she might be a better choice of an heir.
Alaric Cadence
Alaric is Magnus' grandfather.


Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Shaper Earth[2] Enhancement[2] Perception Shapers are capable of forming mana constructs and shaping mana in the air[2].

His Shaper Attunement allows him to create solid objects out of mana that give him versatility in a fight and an edge over other combat focused attunements. Corin noted him as being one of the strongest people he'd ever met. His skills allowed him to earn his reputation as a duelist.


Magic Items[edit]

Alaric Cadence's Dueling Cane


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