Patrick Wayland

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Patrick Wayland
Aliases Patrick Wayland-Cadence
Occupation Student at Lorian Heights Academy, Retainer of Corin Cadence
Species Human
Nation Valia
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Elementalist (Hand)

Patrick Wayland is one of Corin's oldest friends and an Elementalist, he later becomes Corin's retainer. Patrick is one of the main characters in the Arcane Ascension series.

Physical Description[edit]

Patrick is described by Corin as "thick, like a bear." Patrick has brown hair.


Patrick is earnest, brave and excitable. He can be serious when facing down his opponents like when he fought in the survival match with Corin and when he fought Mizuchi. He is obsessed with magic swords. Patrick froze when fighting Saffron but was willing to accept the blame for his death when Aayara appeared.


Sufficiently Advanced Magic[edit]

On the Shoulders of Titans[edit]

The Torch that Ignites the Stars[edit]

The Silence of Unworthy Gods[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]

Corin Cadence
A very good friend of Patrick's, after reconnecting again at Lorian Heights, he asks Corin to make him his retainer.
Sera Cadence
In their first year at Lorian Heights Academy Patrick wants to ask Sera to accompany him to the Winter Ball.
Marissa Callahan
Keras Selyrian
Derek Hartigan


Professor Meltlake
Meltlake takes Patrick on as an apprentice.


Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Elementalist Fire[1] Air[1] Water Elementalists utilize Fire, Air, and Lightning magic in ranged combat. They are considered extremely strong offensive Attuned. [1].

Elementalist Attunement[edit]

Patrick has the Elementalist attunement which gives him access to fire and air mana. The attunement helps him easily combine them to form lightning mana. Patrick focuses on lightning mana. Patrick has a shroud, a magical aura that slows down or stops attacks, from his attunement. Because Patrick has his attunement on his hand he usually casts spells with a gesture and maybe a word or two.

Elementalist Function[edit]

Fire Mana[edit]

Fire mana helps with protecting from extreme temperature changes. Patrick learned lots of fire spells from Meltlake.

Fire Orb

Patrick can create a weak sphere of flame. He used the chant "Extinguished fire in the night, I beseech you to Ignite."


Patrick can throw fireballs.

Flame Redirection

Patrick can redirect flames with the wave of a hand.

Flame Jet

Patrick can create a jet of flame.

Fire Shroud

Patrick can charge his shroud with fire.


Patrick has a spell to extinguish fire. He says "extinguish" when casting the spell.

Flame Reduction

Patrick has demonstrated the ability to reduce the size of a flame sword to the size of a dagger.

Compact Flame

Patrick can create a compact sphere of flame which causes a massive detonation when air mana hits it.

Fire Wall

Patrick can create walls of flame.

Flame Hands

Patrick can wrap his hands in flame.

Burning Brand

Patrick can create flames from his hand that flow down his sword. He says "Burning Brand" when he casts this spell.

Flame Column

Patrick can create a column of flame that descends on his target.

Air Mana[edit]

Permafrost Cascade

Patrick was able to cooperatively cast Permafrost Cascade with Sera. Patrick supplied the air mana for the spell.


Patrick can cast a spell that allows him to levitate off the ground. He says either "levitate" or "float" when he casts the spell.


Patrick can create a gust of wind with a wave of his hand.

Compressed Air

Patrick can launch blasts of compressed air.

Air Shroud

It was mentioned that Patrick could saturate his shroud with his air mana.

Lightning Mana[edit]

Lightning mana helps with reaction speed.

Lightning Bolt

Patrick can use lightning bolt spells.

Splitting Bolt

Patrick can throw bolts of lightning that split into three bolts. Alternatively, he can split the bolt into a half circle of lightning bolts.

Lightning Storm

Patrick knows a lightning spell that creates a storm that periodically hits enemies with lightning bolts.

Weapon Electrification

Patrick knows a spell that charges a weapon with lightning.

Chain Lightning

Patrick knows a chain lightning spell.

Lightning Shroud

Patrick can charge his shroud with lightning. The lightning can lash out at projectiles. The lightning makes it dangerous to attack Patrick in close combat.

Lightning Wall

Patrick can create a wall of lightning.

Lightning Orb

Patrick can form an orb of lightning that he can launch at his opponent. Patrick also has the option of splitting the sphere into multiple spheres and each sphere can fire lightning bolts. Patrick can also make his lightning spheres detonate.

Lightning Hands

Patrick can surround his hands with lightning.

Lightning Redirection

Patrick can shape lightning away from himself and redirect it to his target.

Lightning Javelins

Patrick can form javelins made of lightning in his hands.

Lightning Specialization[edit]

Patrick is using a technique to develop an attunement specialization for lightning mana.

Magic Items[edit]

Bright Reflection

A Dawnbringer replica made as a gift for Patrick by Corin and Keras. Bright Reflection has runes for fire, light, enhancement and transference mana. It also has spirit runes making it 'solid' to incorporeal entities. Bright Reflection has a number of abilities that Patrick can activate, sometimes by calling out the ability names and other times silently. The abilities of the sword are: "Bright Reflection", "Radiant Dawn", "Luminous Arc", "Body of Dawn" and "Resplendent Raiment".

Bright Reflection

'Bright Reflection' in ability which shares a name with the sword that causes the sword to glow and reflect spells that hit the blade.

Radiant Dawn

'Radiant Dawn' is a technique that launches a beam of light from the tip of the blade.

Luminous Arc

'Luminous Arc' is an ability which launches a compressed blast of light from Bright Reflection. When Patrick launched a blade of light against Saffron it was room-width and shredded everything in it's path.

Body of Dawn

'Body of Dawn' is a technique from the sword that enhances Patrick's speed and makes the world appear to slow down as he uses it. This power scales in strength with his attunement.

Resplendent Raiment

'Resplendent Raiment' is a technique that produces waves of light from the blade that merge with Patrick's shroud.

Ice Wand

Patrick has an enchanted ice wand that shoots a lance of ice when Patrick says "Freeze."

Flying Boots

Patrick has a pair of boots that allow for flight. Patrick needs to recharge the boots after they have been used.

Null-Contract Gauntlet

The null-contract demi-gauntlet is an item designed and created by Corin. It acts like a summoner contract sending mana and exchanges it for spirit mana and this increases the rate of growth for an attunement. The demi-gauntlet gives Patrick access to spirit mana.

House Cadence Ring

An enchanted ring with the house Cadence symbol on it. Another item from Corin. It adds a little grey mana to every lightning spell Patrick casts enhancing them a little.

Messaging Necklace

The communication necklace is an item created by Corin. It has a low Citrine level of air mana which allows Patrick to send and receive messages from any of the other messaging necklaces Corin has made.

Shield Sigil

The basic issued shield sigil is silver pin from Lorian Heights Academy. It is about the size of a coin and when it detects an incoming attack it produces a barrier of grey mana.

Phoenix Sigil

The phoenix sigils are enchanted items made by Corin. A sigil in the shape of a phoenix about the same size of the shield sigils. The phoenix sigil is self-recharging and has a greater capacity than the regular shield sigil. It produces a barrier of grey mana much like the shield sigil. The phoenix sigil has functions for healing injuries Patrick takes and helping to recover his mana. The phoenix sigils have teleportation functions which connect to a specific 'anchor'. This sigil has more than 4 times the capacity of the school issued sigils.



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