Antonia Meltlake

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Antonia Meltlake
Aliases Professor Meltlake, Chancellor Meltlake, Antonia Hartigan (formerly)
Occupation Professor at Lorian Heights Academy
Species Human
Nation Valia
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Elementalist - Fire Specialization (Hand)

Antonia Meltlake, formerly Antonia Hartigan, is a powerful Elementalist and current Chancellor at Lorian Heights Academy

Physical Description[edit]




Familial Relationships[edit]

Derek Hartigan

Friends and Associates[edit]

Patrick Wayland




Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Elementalist Fire[1] Air[1] Water Elementalists utilize Fire, Air, and Lightning magic in ranged combat. They are considered extremely strong offensive Attuned. [1].


Elementalist Attunement[edit]

Meltlake has the Elementalist attunement which gives her access to fire and air mana. The attunement allows her to easily combine them to form lightning mana. The Elementalist attunement also gives Meltlake earth mana. Meltlake has a shroud, a magical aura that slows down or stops attacks, from her attunement. Meltalke has reached the necessary mana to be a Sapphire level attuned (77,760 mana) but is only Emerald Rank A because there is no Sapphire level.

Fire Mana[edit]

Fire mana helps with protecting from extreme temperature changes.

Fire Stream

Meltlake can create a stream of fire which sprouts from her cane. When she used this against Mizuchi it was so hot that Corin could feel it from hundreds of feet away.

Fire Shroud

Meltlake can saturated her shroud with flames. She can also wrap herself in golden smoke and fire or golden flames.


Meltlake can throw spheres of fire. Meltlake can make her fireballs massive, bigger then a kraken.

Fireball Detonation

Meltlake can cause her fireballs to explode.

Splitting Fireball

Meltlake can throw spheres of fire which split into smaller spheres.

Flame Lance

Meltlake has a spell that creates a lance made from flames.

Flame Wall

Meltlake can form walls of flame.

Fire Wave

Meltlake can launch a wave of flame.

White Sphere

Meltlake can form a white sphere around her targets. This caused Mizuchi's scales to be slightly cracked.

White Fire

Meltlake can produce a thin line of white fire from her cane which is blinding in its intensity.

Flame Touch

Meltlake can cause whatever she touches to burst into flames.


Meltlake has a blowtorch spell that extends from her fingers and cuts through things.

Golden Fireball

Meltlake can throw around fireballs which are golden.

Golden Cone

Meltlake can form a cone of golden fire which explodes into an inferno which envelops her target.


Meltlake's famous spell which she was named from. A spell that took a few minutes to cast and then produced the sound of the sky being torn apart and such a bright light and then began to burn away at a lake and destroy the attacking shades. Keras described the spell as similar to the Hartigan progenitor Blake Hartigan's use of Hartigan's star - tearing power from the Plane of Flame. Ishyeal said that he would hesitate to call it fire.

Air Mana[edit]


Meltlake can use her air mana to float. She can sit on the air.


Meltlake can steady someone falling and slowly lower them.


Meltlake can manipulate the air to prevent someone's voice being heard.


Meltlake admits it would be trivial for her to choke someone using her air mana.

Wind Cage

Meltlake can form a cage of wind.


Meltlake can fly at absurd speeds.

Object Control

Meltlake can manipulate objects by grabbing them with air mana.

Wind Blast

Meltlake can launch blasts of wind.

Earth Mana[edit]

Earth mana reinforces the body.


Meltlake can cause stone to envelop things she targets in a dome.

Wall of Stone

With an upwards gesture and the words "wall of stone" Meltlake can raise a wall from stone.


Meltlake can cast meteor spells. This uses immense amounts of fire and earth mana.

Lightning Mana[edit]

Lightning mana helps with reaction speed.

Lightning Storm

Meltlake was capable of teaching Patrick a lightning spell that creates a storm that periodically hits enemies with lightning bolts.

Weapon Electrification

Meltlake taught Patrick a spell that charges a weapon with lightning.

Chain Lightning

Meltlake taught Patrick a chain lightning spell.

Splitting Lightning

Meltlake can throw lightning which splits into multiple bolts.

Lightning Bolt

Meltlake can cast lightning bolt spells.

Lightning Orb

Meltlake can forms balls of lightning.

Lightning Chains

Meltlake can form chains of seemingly solid lightning.

Natural Lightning

From what Keras could tell, Meltlake managed to call near instant, natural lightning from the cloudless sky.

Fire Specialization[edit]

Meltlake has an attunement specialization for fire mana.

Magic Items[edit]


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