Vera Corrington

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Vera Corrington
Occupation Research Lead at Faran Labs
Species Human
Nation Caelford
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Analyst

Vera was the Research Lead working on artificial attunements that would have the power of god beasts. During their trial run with Echion in the Serpent Spire her team was confronted by the Visage Tenjin. She bore witness to the Visage being attacked by his Whispers, but was not taken by them due to the arrival of Visage Katashi. She was imprisoned in a Crystal Prison alongside Echion, and Keras Selyrian, where she remained until Corin Cadence stumbled upon them and facilitated their release.

She later returned to the Serpent Spire with Corin to prevent Visage Katashi from destroying Valia. During this it was learned that Lyras Orden was one of the individuals that attacked Visage Tenjin, along with Corin's brother Tristan Cadence. During the fight with Orden and a controlled Derek Hartigan, she was knocked unconscious. Jin Dalen shot her in the back rather than turn her over to Visage Katashi, but Corin was able to stabilize her and summon Visage Katashi. Katashi pulled memories from Vera's mind and judged her innocent of the crime of assaulting a Visage, but that there were other crimes she needed to be punished for. She is last seen in his custody.

Later it is implied by Jin that he, along with the Blackstone Bandits, had rescued her, but he does not elaborate.



A knowledge gathering attunement that can rapidly gather and process sensory information and understanding how it works[1].



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