Sae’kes Taelien

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The Sae'kes Taelien or Dominion Breaker is a sword in the possession of Taelien Salaris. It is a powerful dominion marked sword with seven runes and a jewelled pommel. The sword has an aura that annihilates anything it touches. Taelien has to actively suppress the aura when he uses the blade to prevent it cutting through his allies by powering the runes on the blade. The name of the blade the 'Sae’kes Taelien' is from the Liadran language and roughly translates to 'Sword that gives destruction to all things'. Every time that Keras uses the Sae'kes it leaks some annihilation essence into his body - giving Keras an aura that annihilates everything around him and a supply of annihilation essence that he can use. The blade's aura does not hurt Keras despite cutting almost everything else. The gemstone pommel is connected to the Dominion of Travel and the gem in the hilt is connected to the Dominion of Insight. Training to power the runes on the sword has helped strengthen the dominion connections in Keras' body. There are a few abilities that the Sae'kes can perform: 'Spell Breaker', 'Mana Breaker/Essence Breaker' and 'Dominion Breaker'.