Wrynn Jaden

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Wrynn Jaden
Aliases Prime Lady of Shadows
Titles Witch of a Thousand Shadows
Continent Artinia
Featured In Arcane Ascension, War of Broken Mirrors
Other Powers Spirit Arts

Physical Description[edit]

Wrynn is a woman covered in tattoos with black eyes. Her eyes look like a Rethri's, meaning they lack a sclera. She has dark hair. Wrynn has epicanthic folds.


Wrynn never gives things away for free, especially information. She picks her own locks claiming that keys are "a hassle to keep track of." Wrynn likes collecting knives and daggers. Wrynn is notoriously strange. She is not afraid to admit to that many "bad people" involved in organized crime owe her favours.


Early Life[edit]

Wrynn Jaden was born on Artinia. As a teenager she was "practically adopted" by Aendaryn, the god of blades, who she refers to as the Seven-Branched Sword Deity. She has a seal that connects her to a worldmaker. The seal restricts the god from escaping into the world.

Defying Destiny[edit]

As of Defying Destiny, Wrynn has spent about 30 years actually doing things whilst alive. She has spent a lot more time in long term stasis, sometimes decades at a time.


Familial Relationships[edit]

Friends and Associates[edit]




Wrynn uses spirit arts generally. She also claims to have some dominion marks. As the Prime Lady of Shadow she has impressive shadow sorcery. Keras believes her to be equal to him in strength and far more flexible.

Spirit Arts[edit]

Wrynn has a number of dedications and spirit arts. Many of her powers can not be used and her most powerful spirit arts are closer to the seal. Dedications are little sections of the spirit set towards a specific purpose.

Spirit Art: Eight-Part Barrier

'Spirit Art: Eight-Part Barrier' is one of the spirit arts that Wrynn is capable of using. This created a shimmering field in the shape of an eight-sided polyhedron, which glimmered and rotated. It is meant to protect against spiritual threats. The barrier also helps prevent people sensing what is inside.

Spirit Art: Seven-Branched Seal

'Spirit Art: Seven-Branched Seal' is a spirit art that stabilizes Wrynn's seal. This spell sends agony down her star veins.

Spirit Art: Twin-Body Technique

'Spirit Art: Twin-Body Technique' creates a near identical copy of Wrynn. Copy-Wrynn requires a large amount of spiritual essence to maintain and if Copy-Wrynn uses spirit arts there will be even more essence used. Wrynn can reclaim whatever essence is left when she dismisses the spell. Wrynn can mentally communicate with the copy.

Spirit Art: Form of the Silent Wraith

'Spirit Art: Form of the Silent Wraith' makes Wrynn invisible and intangible.

Spirit Art: Stasis

'Spirit Art: Stasis' keeps things in their current state. Wrynn can use this without risk of overtaxing her spirit. This can be used to prevent people dying.

Quartz Sight

Quartz Sight is a technique from House Quartz. The technique allows Wrynn to see what dominions people have the potential to use.

Poison Removal

Wrynn can burn out poison with a hint of spiritual power.

Unnamed Healing Spirit Art

Wrynn mentioned that she has a spirit art that would heal her faster than a shadeweave tunic but she couldn't afford to use more energy. She also has a weak spirit art that provides minimal healing.

Detection Spirit Art

Wrynn has a spirit art that can detect people and traces of spells.

Ability Copying Spirit Art

According to Keras, Wrynn uses a combination of spirit and shade magic with a spirit art to duplicate the abilities of others. She has demonstrated this through touch.

Spiritual Awareness

Wrynn has a sense for spirits and shades and mentions that it comes from strengthening the spirit.


Wrynn's sakki, her killing intent, is not an attack but feels like one. It is a wide area suppression technique with overwhelming darkness. This technique made Corin feel like his soul was being strangled.

Unspecified Abilities[edit]

Wrynn has a number of abilities that have not been explained. These may be spirit arts or dominion sorcery and have been grouped together due to lack of knowledge.

Speed Enhancement

Wrynn has an ability that drastically boosts her speed to the point she blurs whilst moving.


Wrynn can produce glyphs in the air whilst punching. It is unknown what this does.

Physical Enhancement

Wrynn can enhance her strength producing an inner light in the part she enhances.


Wrynn can wrap her body in an inky black aura. She can also do the same with shadows.

Knife Control

Wrynn can control knives and make them float under her command.

Shadow Burst

Wrynn can release bursts of shadowy force from her hands.

Shadow Web

Wrynn can create a web of shadows that are created with a touch and then connect to the ground.

Shadow Ribbons

Wrynn can produce ribbons of darkness that slice through matter.


Wrynn can teleport and produces a burst of smoke at the same time. This smoke can be rainbow coloured.


Wrynn uses anti-divination abilities to hide herself from magical tracking.


Wrynn can produce shadeweave tunics. A shadeweave tunic is a shirt made from a shade, taken from herself (or if she is making one for another - a bit of their shade) and a silvery thread which is made from metal and magic. Shadeweave tunics have healing abilities which restore the wearer to their healed state.


When Wrynn said the word "void" her hands turn the same black as void magic and void essence spreads through whoever she touches. Void essence excels at cancelling out magic.


Wrynn has a seal on her body that prevents a worldmaker from escaping into the world. The centre of the seal is a single huge mark between her shoulder blades that spreads outwards. The worldmaker strains against the seal and Wrynn frequently needs to go into stasis so the seal can recover. This seal has drastically weakened Wrynn and her powers can not be used freely for fear of straining the seal.

Spirit Containers[edit]

Wrynn has marks that contain pieces of other people's spirits. The spirit pieces have been freely given to Wrynn over the years. Wrynn is connected to everyone she has a spirit piece from. Wrynn has the ability to tear spirit pieces from a person but it is painful for the person losing the spirit fragment. The more different the spirit fragment's composition the better for the seal as it takes the worldmaker more effort to figure out how to "unlock" each mark. In Defying Destiny, when Taelien joked that Wrynn should be called The Witch of a Thousand Souls, she revealed she had seven hundred and eighty eight spirit pieces. Wrynn believes she could possibly use the spirit pieces to use minor abilities from the origin of the spirit but they are better served as reinforcements for the seal.

Dominion Marks[edit]

Wrynn has said that she has a few dominion marks but they do little to help the seal as they just draw "energy without form." Dominion marks connect a thing to a dominion so Wrynn likely has connections to a few dominions.

Magic Items[edit]

The Jaden Box

A container with an extra-dimensional pocket space that can store anything that can fit within its mouth and summon it back. It differs from most storage items in that it can store and retrieve items individually, as opposed to the normal everything in the same space and retrieved all at once. Additionally, it can be used to summon an individual as long as it has a full charge and the summoning individual has something linked to the individual being summoned. To store an item one must say "Store: [Item Name]" and then they can be retrieved with "Retrieve: [Item Name]" or "Retrieve: All Items" to summon all items. To summon a person or living entity the phrase "Summon: [Name]" is used. Wrynn also has many items stored within the Jaden Box including various knives and daggers as well as healing potions, sets of armour, bars of metal and more.


Wrynn makes shadeweave tunics. Wrynn's is a shirt made from her shade and a silvery thread which is made from metal and magic. Shadeweave tunics have healing abilities which restore the wearer to their healed state.

Elemental Knives[edit]

Wrynn has a collection of knives that flash with elemental energy as they make contact with her target. One of them is flame based.