Sheridan Theas

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Sheridan Theas
Occupation Healer, Whisper of Wydd
Species Human
Nation Valia
Continent Kaldwyn
World Venaya
Featured In Arcane Ascension, Weapons and Wielders
Attunements: Mender


Sheridan Theas is the only known Necromancer in Kaldwyn and is a very powerful healer. They were originally asked to heal Sera Cadence of her mana scarring, but they have continued to be of assistance to Corin and his allies.

Sheridan is a Whisper of Wydd and "takes after Wydd," in being non-binary.

Physical Description[edit]



Sufficiently Advanced Magic[edit]

On the Shoulders of Titans[edit]

The Torch that Ignites the Stars[edit]

The Silence of Unworthy Gods[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Elora Theas
Sheridan's Sister
Edrigan Theas
Sheridan's Father

Friends and Associates[edit]

Corin Cadence
Sheridan helps Corin throughout the series. Even though they usually demand payment for their services, they seem to like Corin and his friends enough to waive payment in several instances.
Patrick Wayland


Attunements and Crystal Marks[edit]

Name Primary Mana Secondary Mana Tertiary Mana Function
Necromancer Death Earth

Magic Items[edit]