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Welcome to Wydd's Wiki, the core repository to learn about the characters, world, magic, and anything else you might want to know about the world contained within the books written by Andrew Rowe typically called the Ascension Universe or the Venayaverse.

We currently have 246 articles and are actively working to expand.

If you are looking for information on a specific book or series, you can find it here:

If you are looking for information that spans across the books, the following pages may be a good starting point.

Spoiler Policy[edit]

This wiki contains plot spoilers for all books which have been released in audiobook format for at least 4 weeks. Currently, this includes all books except The Phantom Chamber, which will be allowed starting November 16. This policy affects all pages except a book's main wiki page, which can contain full plot spoilers in the Summary section at any time.

Getting Started[edit]

There are always more things that you can do to help build up this site. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Fixing errors: This includes things such as grammar or spelling mistakes. Large quantities of small fixes can greatly improve the quality of the wiki.
  • Expand and Improve: Many articles can be expanded and improved upon. You could roam the wiki, looking for topics with which you are familiar, and which are too vague, missing information, or need re-wording of sentences and paragraphs so that they will be more understandable. If you notice information that is missing from an article, add it.
  • Building up: If you see a red link, link it to the proper page, and if that does not exist, create it! Additionally, here is a list of articles that are "Stubs": articles that have not received substantial attention from other editors and do not have a sufficient amount of information and/or references.
  • Restrictions: Due to the increasing amount of spambots attacking the wiki, anyone who has not made at least 3 other edits will be banned when attempting to add a link to a page.

If you want to discuss the wiki, just hop on our discord server and let us know in the #wiki-discussion channel.

This Wiki is based on Mediawiki, and you can view the Mediawiki User's Guide for information on editing and making changes. More specifically, we are using The Coppermind as an inspiration for our style and structure, so if you are wondering how something should be structured, look at a similar page from there.