Shattered Legacy

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The Shattered Legacy series is written by Kayleigh Nicol and Andrew Rowe. The series is set on Kaldwyn and follows new characters as they climb the Soaring Spires.

About the Series[edit]

Novels written in the Arcane Ascension universe, but by a different author. So, what’s the idea behind expanded universe novels? The Arcane Ascension universe is broader than Andrew Rowe could possibly explore purely on his own. Even with the four series he has going, He has barely scratched the surface, covering events in a small time period across only two continents, with just a handful of main perspective characters. As he has mentioned previously, the events taking place in the books thus far are all taking place years before the tabletop games and LARPs that he ran earlier in life – we haven’t even gotten to the plot for those games yet (although we’re inching closer). He could spend his entire life working on these books and wouldn’t get to anywhere close to everything there is to write about it.

Expanded universe books allow us to explore parts of the world that he hasn’t been able to show in his own books, as well as elements that fans want more of that he won’t be able to show with the level of detail or focus that he wants to. They explore locations, cultures, and characters that he hasn't been able to give the time they deserve. In this case, Crystal Awakening is a full-on spire climbing book. This is, in many respects, closer to what Andrew originally envisioned for Arcane Ascension – and what a huge group of fans wanted out of the series. Both this first book and the series as a whole, Shattered Legacy, focus on veteran climbers exploring each of the different spires. In this way, we’ll get a look at what the spires are like for groups dedicated toward their exploration, with more experience and context than the characters from Arcane Ascension. Higher-level characters also allow for some awesome exploration of more powerful attunement abilities and challenging encounters, so you can look forward to that as well.

Books in the Series[edit]

  1. Crystal Awakening
  2. Phantom Chamber