Lydia Hastings

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Lydia Hastings
Aliases Lydia Scryer
Titles Court Sorceress, Major, The Cryptographer
Items Edon's Ring, Venlyra, Venora, En-Vamir
Species Human
Continent Mythralis
World Venaya
Featured In War of Broken Mirrors
Dominion Sorcery: Knowledge


Other Powers Bond with Edon's Ring, Bond with Venlyra, Bond with Venora

Lydia Hastings is a Point-of-View character in the War of Broken Mirrors series.

Physical Description[edit]

Lydia is a slender young woman with red hair usually held in a bun. She wears spectacles and has freckles. She has green eyes.



Forging Divinity[edit]

Stealing Sorcery[edit]

Defying Destiny[edit]


Familial Relationships[edit]

Dyson Hastings

Friends and Associates[edit]

Keras Selyrian
Jonan Kestrian
Aladir Ta'thyriel
Velas Jaldin
Erik Tarren
Blake Hartigan




Lydia is a dominion sorcerer with connections to a number of Dominions including knowledge, protection, dreams, sight, wind and travel. She typically uses long chants to help focus her spellcasting. However, following her training with Blake she manages to shorten her chants.

Dominion of Knowledge[edit]

The Dominion of Knowledge is one of the Dominions Lydia routinely uses. Overuse of this Dominion causes Lydia to lose memories. The Dominion of Knowledge helps improve memory. Most of Lydia's identification spells appear as text in her mind.

Structural Analysis

Lydia has a structural analysis spell which gives her images of the structure she analyses. She uses the chant "Dominion of Knowledge, show me the structure within."

Aura Detection

Lydia has a spell which indicates anything with a detectable sorcerous aura. "Dominion of Knowledge, illuminate your sources."

Tracking and Identification

Lydia has spells for tracking and identification spells for spells and sorcerers. She can track people based on essence with this chant "Dominion of Knowledge, show me the path to the creature who shares essence with this orb." Lydia can identify the dominions a person can use with the chant: "Dominion of Knowledge, I invoke you."


Lydia has a spell that lets her find hidden things. The spell helps her find invisible things. The chant Lydia uses is: "Dominion of Knowledge, illuminate the hidden."

Essence Measuring

Lydia has spells to measure the flow of essence within a body. The spell shows her lines of differing colours for the dominions in a body with brighter lines showing if that line's dominion is used more frequently. Lydia uses the chant "Dominion of Knowledge, measure the flow of essence within his body."

Sae'kes Essence Measuring

Lydia developed a spell, specifically for measuring the rate of the flow of essence from Taelien into the Sae'kes. Lydia had to develop the spell because most spells on the Sae'kes fail. The chant Lydia uses is: "Dominion of Knowledge, measure the rate of essence flow into the Sae’kes."

Time Detecting

Lydia has a spell to determine the time of day. She uses the chant "Identify Local Time of Day."

Detect Illusions

Lydia has a 'detect illusions' spell for which she uses the chant "Dominion of Knowledge, illuminate all illusion effects." The spell reveals illusionary effects.

Mental Connection

Lydia has a spell that links her mind to another's. She uses the chant "Dominion of Knowledge, link our minds." This allowed Lydia to speak with another in a combined mental realm.

Dominion of Protection[edit]

The Dominion of Protection is one of the Dominions Lydia routinely uses. Overuse of this Dominion causes Lydia to become easily injured. The Dominion of Protection helps bone and skin growth. Lydia can sense protection sorcery.

Protective Barrier

Protective Barrier is an invisible barrier spell that surrounds the body. One of the base components of the Comprehensive Barrier. Lydia uses the chant "Dominion of Protection, fold against his skin."

Comprehensive Barrier

Comprehensive Barrier is an invisible barrier spell that surrounds Lydia's body. The spell is keyed to a knowledge spell invented by Edon, Intuitive Comprehension. The Comprehensive Barrier protects her from damage and teaches her about spells that contact the barrier. This helps her learn to cast spells from new dominions. Lydia chants "Dominion of Protection, fold against my skin and teach me the secrets of the Dominions that assault you."

Sphere of Exclusion

Lydia mentioned being able to cast a Sphere of Exclusion spell. A Sphere of Exclusion is a high-end protection sorcery designed for inhospitable areas.


Lydia can form a temporary key for locked doors using protection sorcery. Lydia uses the chant "Dominion of Protection, form a key to this door."

Barrier Reinforcement

Lydia can reinforce magical barriers. Lydia uses the chant "Dominion of Protection, reinforce this barrier."

Barrier Repairing

Lydia can repair magical barriers and uses the chant "Repair."

Sorcerous Shield

Lydia can create a barrier around her with the chant "Sorcerous Shield."

Barrier Reshaping

Lydia has demonstrated the ability to reshape the barrier around the Blighted Woods, formed by the goddess Karasalia, to make a temporary gap.

Dominion of Dreams[edit]

The Dominion of Dreams is one of the Dominions Lydia uses. Overuse of this Dominion causes Lydia to easily be distracted. She commonly uses dust to carry the spell effects.


Lydia has a nightmare spell that allows her to inflict someone with a nightmare of a twisted version of events. She uses the chant "Dominion of Dreams, ravage his mind with nightmares of different versions of this confrontation." Lydia hoped that this spell would mess with memories and it makes memories of the effected unreliable as they have been effected with dream sorcery.


Lydia has a spell that causes people to fall asleep. Lydia uses the very basic chant of "sleep" to cast the spell.


Lydia managed to change the commands the ruinshades followed with a dream spell. She used the chant "Dreams, seek and bear my message."

Dominion of Sight[edit]

The Dominion of Sight is one of the Dominions Lydia has demonstrated a minimal ability to use. Overuse of this Dominion causes Lydia to lose sight. Lydia managed to use a sight spell after Comprehensive Barrier helps her learn from Jonann's spell.

See Through Materials

Lydia created a sight spell that allowed her to see inside a wagon. She used the chant "Dominion of Sight, erase the image before me, but only for myself."

Ranged Vision

Lydia can send her vision away from her body with sight sorcery. She moves her finger along a map and her vision moves to the location of her finger.

Dominion of Wind[edit]

Lydia has a connection to the Dominion of Wind. Overusing this dominion causes slight breathing problems.

Wind Push

Lydia has a wind spell that causes a a jet of wind to push the target backwards. She uses the chant "Air, push him back."

Movement Control

Lydia has a spell that allowed her to send a burst of wind and control the movement of objects within it. She used the chant "Wind, rise." She can also move objects with the wind with a simple gesture.


Lydia has a spell that lets her fly. She uses the simple chant "Lift."

Dominion of Travel[edit]

Lydia has a connection to the Dominion of Travel.

Superior Teleportation

Lydia can use the Superior Teleportation spell. The spell is a very advanced travel spell. She used this spell to teleport objects and people.

Dominion of Flame[edit]

Lydia has used flame sorcery. Using flame sorcery costs body heat.

Fire Storm

'Fire Storm' creates a swarm of tiny spheres of blue-white flame in the air that descend on Lydia's target.


With the word 'disperse' Lydia tear flames apart.


Lydia can detonate fireballs with the word "burst."

Magic Items[edit]

Hartigan's Star Prototype 17[edit]

Lydia obtained Hartigan's Star Prototype 17 from Edon after defeating him. The ring is a dominion marked item created by Blake Hartigan. There are three dominion marks on the ring. The first allows the wearer to use the stone to connect with the Dominion of Flame, using the stone’s essence instead of the user’s. The second mark draws continuously from the Dominion of Flame to restore the stone to its full capacity. The third mark prevents the ring from being activated by anyone who is not bonded to it. Lydia has bonded to the ring.

Eru volar shen taris

Lydia knows the chant that Edon used to create blue-white flames with the Hartigan's Star Prototype 17 ring. If Lydia says "Eru volar shen taris" then there will be a powerful burst of fire from Lydia's hand. Using this causes Lydia to become very cold. The Vae'kes Sterling claims that the flames "might have actually hurt." The attack became stronger after Lydia trained with Blake Hartigan.