Arcane Ascension

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The Arcane Ascension series, by Andrew Rowe, is a progression fantasy LitRPG series, with a mix of magic school and dungeon crawling elements. It takes place on the continent of Kaldwyn where attunements are the primary form of magic.


Arcane Ascension has a heavy focus on learning and exploring how magic works and how it can be exploited. It follows Corin Cadence, the younger son of House Cadence, as he attempts to learn magic in an effort to follow the footsteps of his brother, Tristan, who disappeared into the colossal Serpent Spire five years before.

From the Author

This book is my love letter to Japanese role-playing games ("JRPGs") like Final Fantasy, the Tales series, Dragon Quest, etc. It also draws from the tropes in shonen anime and xianxia fiction, though to a lesser extent.

A part of my goal was to write a story where game mechanics exist in the world, but they're clearly explained and researched by characters within the setting. For example, "respawning" monsters exist, and characters have researched why and how this happens.

There are a lot of game-like elements in the story, including (but not limited to) the way magic works. If you like game-like worlds and magic, you'll probably enjoy those elements of this story. If you don't enjoy tons of magic system detail, you're probably better off skipping this one.

For those of you that are checking this out from the "LitRPG" community, this is not a pure LitRPG - it's more of a mix between a traditional fantasy novel and a LitRPG. There are no user interfaces or chat logs here - this does not literally take place within a video game, just in a world that is intended to *feel* like a RPG world[1].

Books in the Series

  1. Sufficiently Advanced Magic
  2. On the Shoulders of Titans
  3. The Torch that Ignites the Stars
  4. The Silence of Unworthy Gods