War of Broken Mirrors

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The War of Broken Mirrors series, by Andrew Rowe, is a fantasy Sword and Sorcery series. It takes place on the continent of Mythralis where dominion sorcery is the primary form of magic. The War of Broken Mirrors follows the life of Taelien Salaris, Lydia Hastings, and others across the continent.

From the Author[edit]

The War of Broken Mirrors is the most serious series. It is written from a third-person limited perspective with multiple perspective characters. The series focuses more on political intrigue and subterfuge than the others. Some inspirations for this series include Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker and the many various Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels.

This series is finished, however there are still plot threads in the series which are not yet done. Some elements of the story continue in Weapons and Wielders. Other elements will continue in other, future novels.[1].

Books in the Series[edit]

  1. Forging Divinity
  2. Stealing Sorcery
  3. Defying Destiny