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Primary Mana Transference
Secondary Mana Fire
Tertiary Mana Earth
Compound Mana Heat
Location Edria
Spire Hydra Spire

The Juggernaut attunement is primarily a combat-focused shroud-based attunement. Juggernauts are known for their use of transference mana, specifically charging their shrouds with transference mana, and slamming into their opponents and through obstacles. The juggernaut attunement grants the attuned access to transference mana and fire mana (although they typically use transference), along with their combination: heat mana[1]. At citrine, it grants access to earth mana[1]. The juggernaut attunement is most commonly found in the Hydra Spire in Edria[1].

Attunement Features[edit]

Features that are a result of specific attunement functions, rather than the types of mana available to the attuned.

Shroud Conversion[edit]

The Juggernaut attunement enables the attuned to convert their shroud to transference mana, which they can then use to deflect attacks, as well as to discharge into their own attacks, allowing for extremely potent physical attacks[2].

Shroud Absorption[edit]

Juggernauts are capable of drawing their shrouds into their muscles, temporarily improving their strength as speed for a short time, similarly to a haste spell[1].

Notable Juggernauts[edit]



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